Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cyclone Yasi almost hit them

It was such a frightening Lunar New Year for my hubby's cousin who is working in Cairns. They received news of Cyclone Yasi will be hitting them on the eve of Chinese New Year and she has to pack her bags and travel out of town to avoid the cyclone. She was hoping for a job in Melbourne but there were not much healthcare job listings when she started applying a few months back and only got a job just before her convocation which was in Cairns.

She was extremely lucky that Cyclone Yasi actually missed Cairns! Though there were strong wind and storms but the damage was not as great as the government has expected though they have predicted it to be a real bad one. It was slated to be at category 5 which was the highest ever but it narrowly missed Cairns but hit towns in the southern part of Cairns. Townvilles was the badly hit one which was a few hundreds kilometer away.

Now her mom can heave a sigh of relieve... and enjoy the rest of the Lunar New Year.

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