Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't think I can do that!

I have a friend who went on a whey protein hydrolysate diet together with her hubby lately. She told me that both of them used to dine out a lot hence put on a considerable of weight and they have been trying to lose some but to no avail. By taking the new supplement, they are cutting down their food intake and hopefully can shed a few pounds.

I don't think I could do what they are doing as I never like all those food supplement. Also, I am not a very highly discipline person so I could never stick to doing something for a long period of time. And I have the urge to snack too so it will defeat the purpose.

Yummy but SINFUL!

Yesterday I cooked a huge pot of mui-choy (preserved mustard) with pork belly which tasted damn good! As the kids are also eating, I decided to not put chili else it will taste even better! For the record, I walloped 4 bowls of rice yesterday! They tasted so yummy but so darn SINFUL!!! GOSH!!!!

You tell me how to lose weight like that??? Even with phenphedrine it will be a tough journey if I really decided to go on a diet! :P

Anyway, I'll just continue to feast for the next two weeks and decide later if I should go on a diet....

How to get rid of my 'tattoos'???

Most of my friends knew about my 'tattoos' which I have been dying to get rid off. Well, they are not really tattoos which are being etched onto my body but keloids which appeared due to my sensitive skin. I have a huge patch on my left arm which was a result from having the BCG jab when I was a little girl.

Then there are a few smaller ones on other parts of my body which came about when dead pimples being encased inside so they started to grow. Therefore, even the best tattoo removal cream won;t be able to help me to get rid of them. :(

I found Knott's Berry Farm Shortbreads in Penang!

When my hubby used to travel to the US, he often brings back lots of goodies for his glutton wife. :P One of the items I heart most was the Knott's Berry Farm Raspberry Shortbreads. They tasted soooooo heavenly!

A few weeks back while I was shopping at Cold Storage Gurney Plaza, I spotted someone has the apricot flavors in his shopping basket and immediately I swung over to the biscuits aisle to check out and to my surprises, they have 2 flavors available! Goody!!!!

Without hesitation, I grabbed a box and paid for it. I don't know when I'll be seeing them again as goodies such as these will go off the racks very fast!

Hopefully I'll get to see them again the next time I pop by the supermarket...

Clearing all those CNY goodies

Each year we have lots of goodies left from our Chinese New Year's celebration. Most are cookies and some other junk food like chips, peanuts and candies. While I try to avoid giving them to my kids, both my hubby and I will have to clear then instead of thrashing them... very wasteful if to thrash them away.

However, taking too much of these heaty stuff are very bad for health and especially my sensitive skin! I can get outbreaks from eating too much of these stuff. It can be such a chore to search for the best acne treatment each time I have an outbreak.

What to do with them?

A few years back, I got a friends who was coming back to Penang for a holiday to get some vitamin pills which is slightly different from those male enhancement products for my hubby as we wanted to conceive our #2. According to her these pills works wonder and we will sure to be able to conceive!

However, we also went to consult a Chinese sinseh and was prescribed some natural herbal medications too and  2 months later (hubby also took some of the earlier vitamin pills) we found out that I was pregger. Now, which medications actually worked????

While cleaning the cabinets recently, I found the unconsumed vitamin pills and wonder what should I do with them since hubby refused to take them as we already have our #2!!!??

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fighting over the 'tab'

When my friends talked about netbooks and ipads and all the other hand held gadgets, I have totally no interest in them but I knew long ago, my boy will be! He is at a stage where he started to learn about the fun of playing online games thus there is no ways to keep him away though we tried to lure him away by buying him other traditional toys such a train sets and etc...

Then recently, hubby brought home this...

And everyone was fighting over it as it is so convenient to be brought to everywhere around the house! My boy will scream and scream when he can't get his hands on it! So, now guess where we have to hide it? Back in the box it came from!

Cyclone Yasi almost hit them

It was such a frightening Lunar New Year for my hubby's cousin who is working in Cairns. They received news of Cyclone Yasi will be hitting them on the eve of Chinese New Year and she has to pack her bags and travel out of town to avoid the cyclone. She was hoping for a job in Melbourne but there were not much healthcare job listings when she started applying a few months back and only got a job just before her convocation which was in Cairns.

She was extremely lucky that Cyclone Yasi actually missed Cairns! Though there were strong wind and storms but the damage was not as great as the government has expected though they have predicted it to be a real bad one. It was slated to be at category 5 which was the highest ever but it narrowly missed Cairns but hit towns in the southern part of Cairns. Townvilles was the badly hit one which was a few hundreds kilometer away.

Now her mom can heave a sigh of relieve... and enjoy the rest of the Lunar New Year.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have a Happy Hopping Bunny Year!

May the year of the Golden Bunny brings you abundance of joy, good health, love and prosperity!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!