Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why she refused to eat???

I was damn tired last night but still can't get enough sleep as baby was crying throughout the night! It was so frustrating as she wanted to get boobed so many times in the night! Why? Because she refused to eat her meals the entire day! :( I really don't know why she decided to refuse all her food!

Since she has injured one of my nipple, I was so afraid that she will bite on the wound so not to let her nurse on that particular boob for too long as I knew she has the tendency to bite on it once in a while. I was hoping my other side will produce more breast milk so I don't have to nurse both sides each time but no luck. She don't seems to get enough each feed so I have to give both sides and now the injured side is sore again. :(

I just told hubby to get some food for her and I hope she will eat something today!

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