Thursday, January 20, 2011

I aged 10 years feeding her!

Baby refusal to eat and drink her formula milk is driving me crazy! This girl is really touch to entertain if compared to her brother! I never really have much problems feeding him. He was such a good boy and often finish up whatever I fed him without complains! Even when I weaned him off breastfeeding, he reacted it so much better than his sister.

The past few days has been hellish trying to get baby to eat. She rejects almost all the food I fed her including her milk! So far I only managed to feed her some char siu baos which were store bought. The frustration of getting her to eat is making me aged faster! I really need to find some anti aging products that could work like magic since in 2 weeks time it is Lunar New Year! I can't be looking like an old haggard woman when we go visiting! :(

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