Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dolly up for the new year

Lunar New Year is just 2 weeks away!

Last year baby was still small so I did not make much effort in dollying up but I tried to make a difference this year since she is already a year old. Managed to go to the saloon and get my hair permed! The last time I got my hair permed was almost 3 or 4 years ago!

Was thinking that it is still much cheaper here than in Australia so just went ahead with vanity fair! hehe

After the permed, I was advised by the hairdresser to not tie my hair but clip it up instead. For that I have to go dig out all my old hair clips which I have not been using for years only to discover those crystals are loose and they are starting to drop off from their casings! No choice but to dig out my jewelry making tools to repair them before I can adorn them on my new curly locks! :P

Now I can dolly up and flaunt my new hair do during the festival...

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