Thursday, January 20, 2011

Even a small saloon has it!

The saloon I went to perm my hair is a small one and it was a chain saloon. To my surprise, they even have bullet security cameras in their tiny open concept saloon! First time I saw a small saloon having security cameras.

I do wonder why do they need security cameras??? They already have a security door where they only open it when someone is at the door. Therefore, no one can just budge into the saloon.

After some thinking, as a customer, I do feel safe when I was there for that few hours. I am glad they do consider the security measure even if they are just a small establishment.

He has a tiny mole under his eye

Two days ago I discovered that my boy has something under his left eye so I tried using my nail to remove it. After a few tries, that dot refused to budge so I got a closer look and discovered that it was actually a mole!

The thought of it growing bigger as he age came into mind and the idea of removing it got stronger! Then, so happened I saw a Chinese stall in the mall offering mole removal service while I was shopping the other day and I was so tempted to bring my boy there! However, I gotta hold back since my boy is such a scaredy cat!

Maybe I'll have to send him to a tatoo removal store when he is older!

I aged 10 years feeding her!

Baby refusal to eat and drink her formula milk is driving me crazy! This girl is really touch to entertain if compared to her brother! I never really have much problems feeding him. He was such a good boy and often finish up whatever I fed him without complains! Even when I weaned him off breastfeeding, he reacted it so much better than his sister.

The past few days has been hellish trying to get baby to eat. She rejects almost all the food I fed her including her milk! So far I only managed to feed her some char siu baos which were store bought. The frustration of getting her to eat is making me aged faster! I really need to find some anti aging products that could work like magic since in 2 weeks time it is Lunar New Year! I can't be looking like an old haggard woman when we go visiting! :(

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why she refused to eat???

I was damn tired last night but still can't get enough sleep as baby was crying throughout the night! It was so frustrating as she wanted to get boobed so many times in the night! Why? Because she refused to eat her meals the entire day! :( I really don't know why she decided to refuse all her food!

Since she has injured one of my nipple, I was so afraid that she will bite on the wound so not to let her nurse on that particular boob for too long as I knew she has the tendency to bite on it once in a while. I was hoping my other side will produce more breast milk so I don't have to nurse both sides each time but no luck. She don't seems to get enough each feed so I have to give both sides and now the injured side is sore again. :(

I just told hubby to get some food for her and I hope she will eat something today!

Dolly up for the new year

Lunar New Year is just 2 weeks away!

Last year baby was still small so I did not make much effort in dollying up but I tried to make a difference this year since she is already a year old. Managed to go to the saloon and get my hair permed! The last time I got my hair permed was almost 3 or 4 years ago!

Was thinking that it is still much cheaper here than in Australia so just went ahead with vanity fair! hehe

After the permed, I was advised by the hairdresser to not tie my hair but clip it up instead. For that I have to go dig out all my old hair clips which I have not been using for years only to discover those crystals are loose and they are starting to drop off from their casings! No choice but to dig out my jewelry making tools to repair them before I can adorn them on my new curly locks! :P

Now I can dolly up and flaunt my new hair do during the festival...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recession coming??

I have been hearing about the recession ever so often now that the word is numb in my brain. Each time I talked about buying this or that hubby will 'caution' me that the MEGA recession is around the corner. Well, I have been hearing the same old thing for the past few years but things are definitely not looking that way!

If you go out to the malls every weekend you'll see all the expensive restaurants packed to the brim with dinners. To me that is the sign of good time and not the looming recession!

If you observe further, there are ample retail jobs available now than before. This means, there are more shops opening which translate to more shoppers too!

Now, who is saying that recession is coming?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011~

Wow! This is my first post for 2011 on this blog!

Time flies... New Year day has come and gone and all of us are back to the grind... again unfortunately. I am still picking up on things which I have left unattended before 2010 came to and end a few days back and I still have many thing queuing up in 2011. Darn!

This year will be a very busy year for us as this is the year where our entire family will be relocating! We dreaded the process but the thought of 4 seasons was more than exciting! Finally we can have summer, autumn, winter and spring! Can't wait to smell the flowers! :P

The next few months I'll have to plan our move, checking houses and buying stuff to be brought over. Very likely we will rent our first home since we really need to take time checking houses before we purchase one. Hopefully we can get a good price for the size we wanted at the preferred location too! At the moment it is still too early to think about decorating the house but I do wish I can have some chandeliers in our future house!

Hubby will be there next month to check things out before making another trip with me to seal any deals. So looking forward to our new life!!!