Tuesday, December 13, 2011

X'mas shopping

Christmas is just around the corner but we have yet to really shop as we are too tied up with our packing. Hopefully we can get something done this weekend when we go down to KL. I guess there are more stuff to see and buy in KL compared to here.

This will be our 'last' year celebrating Christmas in Malaysia. Hubby said he should get something for his dad. I told him about getting some cigars for him since FIL so smoke. We can get acid cigars cheaply online these days but only to find out that FIL has stopped smoking!

Oh well... we'll have to search for something else then...

Changing the gold to something else

Since we'll be moving, I've decided to take out some of my jewellery to be brought along with me. Found that I have some small gold items and decided to change them to something I like since I am not such a gold person.

Went to the local jewelers and was told I can make an exchange with a 20% cut from the actual gold price. After considering for a few days, I decided to get a pair of earrings. The sales rep showed me some new emerald engagement rings but I prefer to have a pair of earrings since I don't like wearing rings too.

At the end diamonds won over and I got myself a lovely set of Lumiere diamond earrings with certificate. I'm a happy camper! :)

Moving is such a daunting exercise!

We are just a month away from our BIG move to Down Under. The mover will be here tomorrow and we hope we can receive our shipment upon our arrival next month. Has been busy packing the last few days and we are glad we are almost done. Did not realize we have so much junks!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting a car and car insurance

When we move Down Under, we'll need to get at least 2 cars once I got my driver license converted. I am not sure if I could get it converted yet but I'll try though the chances may seem rather slim. Else I'll have to do the theory and practical test all over again! This is not what I am hoping for since I will be heavily pregnant by that time! :P

Hubby mentioned that he will have to look at the various auto insurance premium since everything will be different in Down Under compared to Malaysia. Car repairing is extremely costly so we will definitely have to take up a more comprehensive coverage.

Of course we don't wish to be involved in any accidents but sometimes things like these are hard to tell. We will try to be extra careful and mindful of all traffic rules especially when we are ferrying the kids around.

Repairing the car before we leave

Hubby has decided to send our car for a mini over-haul before we leave so it will be easier for my MIL to maintain the car for us while we are away. There are a few parts that needed to be changed too so that will cost quite a fair bit. The tyres needed to be changed too but hubby said he will probably get the two front tyres changes instead of all four as that will cost quite a lot.

Anyway, I am clueless when it comes to such stuff. I don't even know how industrial bearings looks like so when hubby told me he will need to get these and that for the car I'll just nod my head! :P I know the car will be in good hands when hubby is maintaining it but when MIL takes over... I'm not so sure any more! 

Time to job hunt

Hubby's cousin who has just completed her one year pre-registration as a pharmacist and is actively looking for a permanent job in Australia. She does not intend to work in Malaysia for the time being as she felt Australia will give her more exposure.

However, during the end of the year period is also the summer break for many companies, hence it is tough to go job hunting since most companies are closed for the holiday season. We hope she can find something temporary to tie her over the next few months so hubby actually suggested that she should try looking for some Physician Assistant Jobs first.

Hubby has just returned from Down Under and he said there are some expansion projects in some new suburbs in various states so this could be the right time. Hopefully she will find something soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Still not feeling on top of the world

I wonder how long would my morning sickness stay this round. It has been more than 3 month (now I'm in my 4th month) and I still don't feel on top of the world. It seems to be longer than my 1st pregnancy as I remembered I only suffered for 17 weeks, the max.

I would say my cough which has been quite bad even before I discovered about my pregnancy made it worst. Each time I cough, there will be phlegm and the nausea will come. It is really taxing as it affecting my sleep too so I can't sleep well for the past months.

This is the only pregnancy that I am all alone. Previously I will go back to my mom's place and she will take care of me... well, at least you can cook some nutritional stuff for me! Though she is no certified nutritionist austin, but it is nice to have someone to take care when you feel sickly all day.

Now, I have to take care of two kids and myself! Arrgghh!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

To get or not to get?

The question is back again... should we or should we not get the tools set to be brought over to Down Under??? We went to check some hardware shops and the pricing are pretty confusing and not all shops selling certain models. Hubby is still not able to decide if we should get it since the price over there is not much of a different.

Then again, we are hiring a relocation company to do the moving for us so there are space available so we thought why not get it locally? At least we can find the brand and model of our choice. Of course we are not getting the rest of the stuff like the bounty hunter metal detectors as yet since we don't know if we'll need it. Most importantly is the drill and essential tools.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

I guess most Malaysians have heard about Namewee's latest venture in movie making, the Nasi Lemak 2.0 which was a big hit recently when it was screened in cinema. It was one hilarious show... I must say. Even my crazy hubby was addicted to it and watched it a few times!

However, we did not go to the cinema to watch since I was pretty sick from all the morning sickness attacks. I can barely leave the house!

After a few weeks of screening, ASTRO bought over the rights and they pulled it down from the cinema screening but we do not have ASTRO so we can't watch. And I was so lucky to found the YouTube link shared by some friends and we download from YouTube. Else we would not have the chance to watch it!

Too bad it was being pulled down after a week later...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Job hunting

One of hubby's cousin will soon complete her one year of pre-registration as a pharmacist in Gold Coast and she is now starting to look for a job within Australia as she intend to stay on and apply for permanent residency. The reasons why she wanted to stay on in Australia is that the Healthcare Specialists Jobs are in abundance as compared to Malaysia.

We strongly encourage her to stay on and try her luck as the opportunities in Australia is much better. Also, she can have better exposures in Australia since most drug houses are there.

She is currently doing her pre-reg in a drugs warehouse and she really enjoyed herself there so we hope she could get a deal with the company and continue with her career.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still looking

We are still in the mist of our house hunting. It is not easy since we are not at the location so we can't go for inspection. We'll have to rely on friends to help us to do the viewing and inspection on our behalf.

Though we are still a few months away from our move, we really need to speed up the hunting process as we can't dictate when we'll find our best house to suit our needs. House inspections in Australia is very different from here so that adds to the complexity.

Once we can locate the house, we still need to get those address signs as well as other MISC stuff fixed up... Looks like we have a lot of stuff to do!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things to bring along

Now that we are more firm on our decision to move we have also listed down all the things that we wished to bring along. We are not going to bring most of the things as the cost of shipping is rather expensive so we rather buy there since shipping some of the stuff may get jammed up at the custom later.

We are going to ship small stuff like cloths, books, some kitchen utensils, toys and some misc stuff which are not a lot and not too space consuming. Hubby will carry some laptops over with DVD player and maybe a Merriam Webster speaking dictionary. Not sure how much these will come up too but I know it will not be cheap.

Since we are not taking those budget airlines, we could also carry some more stuff along with us which will help to cut down on the shipping cost as well.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visit to the New 1 Utama Jusco

Yesterday was the first day of Hari Raya here. Normally during festive period like this in KL, traffic should be lesser... well, the roads were quite empty actually but not the malls!!! We went to 1 Utama thinking that most people would have gone for holiday since it is school holiday and most people gets 3 days off since it coincide with our 54th National Day.

The newly renovated Jusco in the old wing has not even been completed but they opened for business anyway so they can cash in from the festive sale. They revamped the whole place which sees the supermarket on the same location as the departmental store. Previously it was located on the other end of the mall.

Jusco has moved their Eneos which housed all the house improvement items as well as car accessories such as savini rims and a car cleaning service. The departmental store now are much spacious and brighter.

Too bad it was so darn crowded so we decided to go off when we can't beat the human traffic!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feast for one last time?

Now that we are down in KL again, how can I refrain from feasting on those yummy food??? When we arrived on Friday evening, my mom already prepared yummy dinner for all of us. Then on Saturday, we went for scrumptious breakfast at Taman Yulek, this time trying on a new stall selling curry noodles.

Last night for dinner, we went back to Taman Yulek again for Hakka cuisine which turned out to be quite good too except for the price. I walloped a big bowl of Hakka yong tau foo even though I was not that hungry. ^^ We are planning to go for some Japanese ramen this afternoon at Pavilion latest attraction, Tokyo Street.

Now, where am I going to get some safe diet pills for women? Coz I seriously think I need to go on a diet once we returned to Penang!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy with house stuff

In 2 days time we will go down to KL again. Looks like this year we travel quite frequently to KL. It is only August and we have travelled down more than 4 times! Previously, the most we will make 2 trips a year. Well, it is a good thing as we can visit my parents more often. :)

Since we will be going away and SIL will be moving over from her rented apartment, I'll have to do all the cleaning before we leave. I have been doing lots of washing the past few days... scrubbing the bathroom, the toilet, the room and etc until my fingers are all sore and painful. :(

I have not even change the sheets in my room! I've wanted to change a new set of matouk so when we returned, I don't have to think about sleeping on dirty sheets.

Will see if I can get that done tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL

The next day after our nightmare, I brought the kids to Pavilion to meet up with a friend who came back from LA for a vacation as well as to get my dad some stuff since we'll be visiting him that evening. We stayed at Crowne Plaza so it was quite near, about 10 minutes walk only.

We had some fried fritters and soy bean drink at the food court before we went up to walk about the mall. It has been a while since we shop there. Most of the time we only go to the basement where Lavender is located to get the yummy bread.

While strolling, we saw some banners about a Tokyo Street opened on the 6th floor. Curiosity kicked in and we decided to check the place out....

We have no idea that they actually made the entire place (next to Parkson) to look like a street in Tokyo! It was indeed a very exciting to find so many Japanese shops and restaurants located in one place! *grin*

My son was so excited to see this giant red lantern hanging just right inside the entrance...

As it was already lunch hour, there were many people mingling around the shops and some even has a very looooong queue queuing to buy whatever that was on sale...

Especially the pearl milk tea stall!

If I have not already full to the brim, I would have gone for this Japanese hotpot restaurant, SUKIYA as it is eat all you can! 

Fancy some Japanese crispy crepes???

And the replica Japanese dishes on display can really make you go hungry all over again!

And these miniatures are so darn cute too!

Last but not least... how to not feeling all Japanese when Daiso is the anchor tenant in this part of the mall????

I am so praying for my hubby to have more business trips to KL so I can go jam this place during our stay!!!

Well, if you can't go to Tokyo, you can always go to Tokyo Street at the Pavilion! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Courtyard Marriot in Milpitas, San Francisco

The day when we arrived in San Francisco, we hired a car and drove down to Santa Clara where hubby is supposed to have meetings the next day. We checked in to Marriott Courtyard in Milpitas and stayed for 3 nights. This hotel is one of nearest to The Great Mall which housed a few Premium Outlets.... which obviously was my destination the next day when hubby goes off to his meetings!

There are a total of 3 levels and we have chosen the ground level so that it is easier for us to move in and out and not have to wait for the elevators... since we have quite a bit of luggage!!

In most hotels or motels in the US, they usually offer guests 2 queen beds in a room which make sharing a room with kids a whole lot better! Most of the rooms are spacious too!

Besides the comfortable beds, most rooms came with a work table and a big TV as well as Internet access. Since this was booked under hubby's company, we get free Internet access. In some hotels, we have to pay for Internet access which is a bummer... :P

Unlike most Asian hotels, the vanity table in US hotels are mostly outside the bathroom+toilet... and coffee making facility is a standard thing too.

We like this hotel a lot for its strategic location (walking distance to Great Mall) and they boast an indoor heated pool, gym as well as free hot beverages 24 hours a day. Should you want to heat up some drinks or food, you can utilize the microwave oven located at the lobby.

There is also a guest laundry and free ice cubes on the ground floor. However, not everyone get complimentary breakfast! The complimentary breakfast is only for the 'registered' guest so if there are family members who wished to dine together at the coffee house, they will have to pay. Weird policy!

The scariest journey to KL

Last Thursday, hubby has to go to KL on a very short notice and all of us decided to tag along... all because the kids can enjoy the hotel stay and also a golden opportunity to visit my dad who was hospitalized. Everything went smoothly and traffic was not heavy that day... probably due to the fasting month, less people are travelling.

Then we have to stop mid way to fill up petrol. After filling we moved on but something unpleasant greeted us the moment we move out to the highway. Our dashboard light went off out of a sudden and the fuel gauge failed to show even we have pumped to full just a while ago. However, we did not suspect anything and just thought the fuse blew off. A few minutes later, we detected some odor and asked baby if she has pooed and she nodded her head. Hmmm... so I asked hubby to stop at the next R&R.

Brought baby out for a diaper change but discovered she did not pooed after all. So we hurried back to the car. I asked if hubby checked all the lights and he said everything are working fine except the signal lights. No choice. We moved on. It started to rain and it got heavier. We saw at least 2 accidents on the way and was telling hubby that we are lucky our car can still move. Suddenly, hubby felt the car lost it momentum and the wipers somehow having difficulties in moving and then he can't accelerate at all!!!! OMG!!!! Sensing something is wrong I told him to quickly pull over to the road shoulder in any case the car decided to go dead! And I was right... the car stalled right after we pulled over!!!!

Scary thoughts invaded us immediately. The rain is getting heavier and we knew something has gone terribly wrong. We suspected we were running on the battery and now it is almost flat. Coincidentally, we stopped just right in front of the PLUS signage so we quickly make a call to inform them to send us help. The kids started to get cranky as we are all being couped up in the car without air-conditioning. I made a frantic call to my dad and he told us to get out of the car as it is extremely dangerous to stay in the car by the highway. There has been many incidents where trucks ramped into stationary car which causes deaths. *shiver* Too bad we do not have any roadside assistance plan, else we will not be so worried.

And baby decided to poo! Arrgghhh! Talking about bad luck! (I do start to wonder if it has to do with the Ghost Month???!!) I have to quickly change her and think of our next course of action. The side of the road actually slide down so it will be tough to bring the kids down and moreover it is raining...

While we continued to wait for PLUS to come to us, suddenly a car pull over in front of us and a guy came knocking at our window. We thought he was being sent by PLUS but after a few exchanges, we found out he was one of those 'hungry hawks' that scout around the highway for business. He told us he owns a car workshop and he can help us get our car tow to his workshop which is nearby. He suspected either our alternator or battery has broken down.

Initially we are hesitated to take up the offer as we have heard just too many ugly stories involving those highway tow-trucks and unscrupulous workshops staff trying to squeeze money from victims of broken down vehicles. Then PLUS rang us and told us that help will not come so soon as they have to attend to the other 2 accidents before us. *sigh* Now, we are left with no choice!

It is getting late and the rain is getting heavier...

We gave in and took up the offer so the guy called for a tow truck which has to be paid separately. We were towed to Rawang and made a U-turn to exit at Bukit Beruntung. We've never been there and that place was a complete alien to us....

Once we arrived at the workshop, the tow truck left after we paid him (RM80). The surrounding did not look too good... that place is deserted. There were hardly any souls walking around and all the other units are empty and filled with filthy rubbish strew all over the place.

To me, the workshop is like a 'front' as it does not have anything except a few broken down cars 'under repair'. Those cars were covered with thick dust and we suspect that they are for show only. The engines were taken out. *shiver*

One of the staff helped to take out the alternator and checked. Discovered that it has carbon inside... which translate to - we have to get it changed! The 'owner' said he will go look for the part and drove off leaving us with lots of ???

He called a few minutes later and told us it cost RM388 for a re-conned unit so out of desperation, we agreed. He drove back and after his staff fixed the new unit, it failed to charge the battery. So how??? Have to go look for another unit!!!!! It was already 6pm then and the kids are getting extremely restless as well as hungry. There's no way we can go get food since it is raining so heavily and that place is in the middle of no where!!! What a shitty feeling!

Another guy came with a new unit but the socket was not the right size so he has to take it back. Then the 'boss' went off again leaving us behind. We waited and he brought another unit back and said 'this one cost RM450'. So, do we have a choice?????!!!!!

We felt really threaten since we were all alone in that place. Out of security, I called my dad and sent him all the info of where we are and blah...blah...blah just in case something unpleasant happened. And when the sky turned dark, I pestered hubby to contact his uncle who is staying near Kepong to come keep us company. It is better to have another person we knew who has a car in any case we have to abandon our car or leave it over night. All kind of thoughts came...

It was almost 7.30pm, still raining heavily and there is no way they can tell us if the new unit of alternator will work so we tried threatening the 'boss' back by saying, that if he can't get the car to start then we'll have to call another tow truck and tow our car to KL. And within 15 minutes, our car came back to life. Hallelujah!!! We quickly pay the guy and drove off.

Hubby uncle came but he can't find us (even after we sent a MMS of the map) as the place was so dark and there were no street lamps. Therefore, we decided to meet up with him at the petrol kiosk at the main road.

It was such a relief when we finally arrived at the hotel... Can't believe we survived this ordeal. Anyway, things like these can happen anytime, anywhere and it is just pure luck it happened to us on the North South Highway in the middle of no where! :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Extended Stay @ Century Bay, Penang

My SIL will be back from Germany for vacation after 4 years. This time instead of 2 kids, she is bringing back 4! Her family has grew over the past 4 years so instead of bunking in at our house, they have decided to rent a service apartment. It will be more convenient for them too as there will be a lot of friends and relatives who will be visiting during the time they are here.

Before she decides where to stay, my hubby was tasked to check out the few locations of her preference and we went for the viewing. One of them is Century, located near Bayan Baru.

This property (10 floors high) is quite a nice one to begin with in terms of location and it is popular among the big corporations here in Penang where they place their employees for short term stay or for some, using it as short getaway with family since it is a good as staying at a 5-star resort. It is a well maintained property too and boast a few facilities and amenities which worth mentioning.

Most of the units are either 2 rooms or 3 rooms suites so they are suitable for big family or groups. Al the units are fully air-conditioned and comes with kitchen and washing area. The best part is, all the units are facing the Penang Bridge! :)

All the units are fully furnished with basic necessities such as LCD TV, sofas dining tables, refrigerator, cooking burners as well as washing machine!

The Master room has an attached bathroom where else the the two other rooms share a common bathroom. Sheets and towels are changed once every 3 days. I just love their Bali inspired interior which is rustic and cozy!

To get a more detailed information about the property, you should check out their website here.

My kids love the pool which is of odd shape but cater to everyone. The kids can play on one of the smaller pool at the side. And they have a small playground which my kids wanted to go for the moment they saw it!

So, if you are planning to stay longer than 5 days in Penang, you can seriously consider this place as you can save a whole lot more! :D

Should we upgrade?

We have the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab and with so many new updates recently, hubby was wondering if we should upgrade to the new model which comes with a 10 inches screen and runs on Android 3.0? The one that we have is less than a year old...

Though we quite like the current one as the size is perfect to be kept in my purse but I found out that it battry runs out pretty fast if the WIFI is switched on. Since I do not have any Samsung phones before, I am not certain how long all the samsung cell phone batteries last... after all I am not a phone net user.

Well, I can't be comparing cell phone with tablets I guess...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Penang own Auntie's Durian!

Ever since we stumbled upon Liu Lian Ee's (durian auntie) durian stall last year, hubby has been going there a few times this year as Liu Lian Ee is such a nice sales lady! She is very good in giving lots of tips on good durian as well as her durian stock is among the better ones too. However, what drew my hubby there was of course the reasonable price she charged!

Her durian estate is already the 3rd generation! Therefore, some of her trees are pretty old and according to hubby, the older the tree, the better the quality of the durian harvest. She also have may special species which she did the 'marriage' (cross) herself. Besides selling some popular species such as 'Ang Heh' (Red Prawn), 'Orh-Chee' (Black Thorns), 'Hu-Lor' (Chinese Gourd), 'Cheh-Kak' (Green Husk) and D11, she has her very own which are without names. Most of these are from the very old trees.

Since this year harvest is in abundance, the price has dropped tremendously too making the popular species very affordable. When harvest was scarce, we have to pay high prices for good crossed species.


Orh-Chee (Black Thorns)

Besides durian, what I like most about Liu Lian Ee's stall is that she also sells rambutan! Her rambutan is one of the best I've eaten. They are called 'Ya-bak' or 'Coconut Flesh' which is thick, dried, crunchy and the flesh don't stick to the seed. It is not very sweet too rather the amount of sweetness is just perfect!

Well, if you are up in Penang these few months (now till late August) you might want to call Liu Lian Ee to see if she has any good harvest! Her good durian usually goes off the shelves real fast as people will call to make reservations!

How to get to Liu Lian Ee's stall...

View Larger Map

Almost 1 month in the workshop!

My MIL's car was experiencing problems about 3 weeks back and she sent it in to the workshop since then but till today she still can't pick her car up yet as the mechanics can't figure out what is wrong with her car! According to hubby, the mechanic has changed 3 gear boxes but the car still can't move.

I know nuts about cars so if you talk about bearings or whatever parts, I won't know a single thing! Probably I should read up a bit so if my car stalled one day, at least I know what is wrong.

Luckily MIL has another car to use else she will be so handicapped!

A Peek @ The new Terminal Bas Selatan

Do you stay in Kuala Lumpur and often takes the coaches back to your home town in the south such as Melaka or Johor Bahru? With the newly opened Terminal Bas Selatan, you will get to experience Malaysia's first high class bus terminal located at Bandar Tasik Selatan. The place looks even better than the LCCT (Low Cost Carriers Terminal) according to most!

I have the pleasure to make a visit to TBS after dinner with my family at Sri Petaling one evening. The place is massive! Maybe it is still new but definitely better than my years of experience with Pudu Raya or even the Duta Bas Station! This place looks just like an extension at KLIA.

We parked our car at the lower ground floor but the actual parking is located on higher floors. Poor signage is the reason why we ended up there... We failed to find the appropriate lift to get up to the main lobby and only saw one miserable service lift after searching for a while. The main lobby is located at the 2nd level.

When we entered, we were pretty impressed by what we saw. Well, maybe everything is still brand new so they looked nice! Like most were saying... give it a year and you'll see the same as the old Pudu Raya! Fingers crossed on that!

It has huge display boards showing the departure and arrivals information of the coaches so everyone is clear about their schedules. Looking very much like the airport...

This place boast a new frontier... there are policemen to check your tickets before you are allowed to go down to the coach bays to avoid having rouge passengers or thugs boarding the coaches! A way to increase job opportunity??? Or it is really for the safety of the passengers???? :P

Passengers can now wait for their coaches in comfort... with nice seats in an air-conditioned room. Maybe some retires can take a nap there to pass time too eh??? Not forgetting those foreign beggars can beg in better condition now!

We have VIP and VVIP buses so they make sure these VIPs and VVIPs get the same treatments like those airlines' frequent fliers too! Hahaha... I wonder how much 'points' one needs to accumulate to get to enjoy the Executive Lounge's facilities eh?

A peek at their boarding bay looks rather impressive with high escalators for every 2 bays. I am not sure how tight is the security at the boarding bays but the departure gate is on high security though!

If you are having a baggage too many, not to worry now as they even have trolleys to help you move them! Gone are the days where you'll have to lug all your 'stone filled' bags like a kuli! LOL

If you are early and wished to walk around the terminal without having to lug your stone filled bags around, you can always keep them in the many lockers available!


Smaller information boards are located in various parts of the stations (other levels) so you won't missed your buses or you'll know the arrival of the buses you're waiting for to pick someone up.

Last but not least, at the current information and high technology age, we are blessed with self service kiosks so we don't have to queue on the line too long!

You can use your Touch'N Go card for these self service kiosks so you don't have to handle cash since bus terminals is where all those snatch thieves will lurk around! :P

However, if you are uncomfortable punching those keys on the self service kiosks, you can always queue on the regular counters to speak those those ladies for your tickets. Some people just needed those face to face interaction!

In a nut shell, this is indeed a very impressive place but will the ugly Malaysian's habits able to keep this place clean and functional in the years to come??? Lets pray! Else, our next generation won't be able to enjoy such a luxurious facilities in the future!!

Over-loaded with the King of fruits!

Since the week we came back from our US trip, hubby has been having durian buffet almost every week! I think this is the first time I had had so much durian in my life! I am not a durian crazy person so they don't really excite me that much. It stink like shit if you are not a fan! For those who loves it thinks it smell and taste so heavenly! LOL

Hubby ate so much that he told me he can feel that he has put on weight! Aiyo... of course he put on weight la... from the way he eats these fruits... others could have can collapsed! Though I did not eat that much but I can feel my midriff has grew a few centimeters! I better start looking for the best fat burners to stand by as once the season ends, all of us must go for strict diet!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fresh Water Fish Restaurant @ Kampung Kob - Kulim

We got adventurous during one of our trips to the Mainland after I bugged the hubby for not bringing me to try  new 'makan' place when ever we goes to the Mainland. The reasons why we seldom go on food hunt on the Mainland was because we have never encounter anything nice after a few times so we sort of black list the place.

After our shopping at Jusco Prai, hubby decided to drive to Kampung Kob as he told me there is a 'nice' fish pond restaurant. Well... I would not brand it as nice since that place looked extremely dingy... It is located deep inside a palm oil estate so it was pretty scary to even drive in there! However, I was surprised that there were many patrons there!

When I saw the sign above, I thought to myself, 'well, Ah Xian (from ASTRO) was here before so should not be that bad right?' and hope for the best. I would not considered the place to be pleasant as it was NOT AT ALL! It was as dirty as I've expected it to be and seeing all the flies circling on the table has definitely killed my appetite!

This place only serves fresh water fish such as Tilapia and Patin which are not in my list of favorite fish... to be very honest. Hubby went ahead and ordered 2 fish dish and a vege dish. As baby was with us, we have to order a dish of fish fillet stir fried with some spring onions and another in fermented bean sauce. We had fried belacan kangkung for the vege dish.
Seriously, the food was nothing to shout about and I find them expensive even. For the 3 dishes, 3 rice and a bottle of 'tuak' or fermented coconut water (a type of alcohol), we were charged a whopping RM60. I definitely think the ambiance sucks big time... we were bitten by mosquitoes too!

Will we be back again? NOPE!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are you a Challenge Coins collector?

I am not a coin collector so I don't have much knowledge in them. When I came across the challenge coins, I don't have the faintest idea what they were so only after I Googled about it then did I know that these were the coins made specially for a certain organizations for their members.

From the information found in Wikipedia, I've learned that these challenge coins were first made by a wealthy military pilot which he then presented them to the other pilots in his squadron as mementos of their service together. These coins were gold plated and bore the squadron’s insignia.

Pretty interesting!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SIA Kid's Meal from ICN-SFO (Seoul to San Francisco)

Our flight out from Seoul was about 5 in the afternoon so the next meal on board is dinner. You may have expect some Korean goodies for the kids but NO! I would call it an unhealthy meal especially for my baby! Just take a look what they served...

Hot dog!!! My 5 years old was happy but I would not give anything except the Babybel cheese, soft bun (wrapped in plastic), potato balls (under the hotdog) and the packet of chips to her. The grape jelly juice was pretty sweet. Ended up she only had the cheese and some corn kernels. I did not want her to have the ham as  she should not take any processed meat at this age.

Then we have another meal (breakfast) shortly before we land in San Francisco. I would have expect something nice like some pancakes for baby but no... they have to give pizza for breakfast!

The pizza was really a weird item to be offered but the kids get another hotdog/sausage is something really mind boggling! Yes, that lollipop looking thingy was a hotdog deep fried wrapped in batter. It will taste good if it is eaten fresh but after so many hours soaking in the meal trolley... you can imagine how soggy it was. And for another record, the kids got a bar of chocolate brownie! I think the only nice thing on this tray was that small box of cut fruits and that grape yogurt!

My baby was only keen on the fruits and of course the yogurt...

I kept those wrapped items for later since they can be kept. I just hope SIA will revamp their kids' menus and be more creative. There are certainly more to just offering such uncreative meals on board. I think other airlines are doing much better in this section with cheaper ticket price!