Monday, December 6, 2010

Yummy cookies!

Last Saturday I finally met up with a baker friend after more than 2 years knowing each other! Though we have 'met' each other many time over facebook, it was a different feeling when we get to meet face to face!

When I first started my home baking business, I often get orders from KL. Since I can't take those orders, I decided to source for someone so I could pass those contacts to. I was glad I found the right person after Googling for some home bakers in KL.

She invited us to her house so I could pay a visit to her 'office' where she churns out those beautiful cakes and yummy cookies! In fact, I have been munching on those cookies that she gave me and I can't tell how much weight I have put on since I have been feasting the whole of yesterday! I must go get some Lipofuze when I get back to Penang!!!!!

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