Friday, December 3, 2010

What a fat loaded day!

As it was my little girl's birthday yesterday, I brought the kids out to Mid Valley... on my own! So glad that I can drive around KL on my own now after overcoming my fear. Well, it is not completely a good thing though... as I tend to spend more money this way!!!!

So, what we did at Mid Valley?

When we arrived, it was mid morning around 11-ish so when we passed by the Strudel shop in Metro, we decided to get some bites. Not a good idea as most are sweet stuff but my boy was happy so that was more important. Baby also ate some as yesterday is the day she can start eating more stuff! :D Of course my boy did not finish his share so mommy has to clear all!

Then we walked about looking at the Christmas decor around the mall and went over to Gardens after that. After walking about, I decided to get some cakes from Delectable after all the raves I heard from friends...

After getting the cakes, my boy said he's hungry so we went back to Mid Valley to look for a place to eat since Fong Lye was damn crowded. At the end my boys picked Domino Pizza as he was attracted by that bowl of mushroom soup! hahhaha Kids! He only ate one slice of pizza but drank 2 bowls of soup. So nice they have free refill for soup! The rest mommy has to clear also since Baby can't eat them!

After lunch we left the mall and popped by Tesco near our place before heading home. Mom cooked another scrumptious dinner before Baby blew her candle and eat the cakes!

So, can you imagine the amount of fat I have loaded up yesterday? I must seriously look for diets that worked!!! Must go check out about this acsonix from the acsonix review since I heard it is one of the diet that actually works!

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