Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gold Coins as Christmas Pressies!

Christmas is just 2.5 weeks away! Gosh! Time really flies! And we has less than a week left in KL before we head back to Penang next Tuesday. Can't believe 3 weeks gone in a blink of the eye!

However, this time we are able to view all the Christmas decor in the malls as I finally overcame my fear driving around KL city and slightly beyond! This is the very first time I did that as each time I am too dependent on my dad to ferry us around. Since dad has to work and hubby left the car with me, I thought I'll just make things happen! So glad I took the big step! :D

So, now that I am much more mobile than before, it is easier for me to do stuff around here. I have not seriously started my Christmas shopping yet since it is never easy lugging around an active toddler and a baby alone to the mall! So, I am thinking of buy gold coins as Christmas pressies... good idea?

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