Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you done shopping yet?

Gee, Christmas is just 2 days away!!!! Have you done all your shopping yet?

Well, we don't celebrate the festival since we are not Christians so was lucky we don't have to rush like the rest. However, every now and then we give each other Christmas pressies to add fun to the festival. It is always nice to receive right?

For once I don't only get 1 pressie from my hubby but 2 this year! What a GREAT feeling that was!!!! Don't envy as I definitely earn that!!!! He paid for my 3-day cake decorating course which cost more than RM2000 and also my dream (well... it was my dream except for the choice of color) mixer!!! Yes, finally I get my Kitchen Aid mixer after drooling over it for the longest time! hehehe

Now, should I get him something in return??? He is not a smoker so no point I get him any cigars so the cigar deals of the day  is definitely out. I was thinking of getting him a shaver since his is broken but then again... he is  extremely particular about his stuff so how to surprise him?

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