Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you done shopping yet?

Gee, Christmas is just 2 days away!!!! Have you done all your shopping yet?

Well, we don't celebrate the festival since we are not Christians so was lucky we don't have to rush like the rest. However, every now and then we give each other Christmas pressies to add fun to the festival. It is always nice to receive right?

For once I don't only get 1 pressie from my hubby but 2 this year! What a GREAT feeling that was!!!! Don't envy as I definitely earn that!!!! He paid for my 3-day cake decorating course which cost more than RM2000 and also my dream (well... it was my dream except for the choice of color) mixer!!! Yes, finally I get my Kitchen Aid mixer after drooling over it for the longest time! hehehe

Now, should I get him something in return??? He is not a smoker so no point I get him any cigars so the cigar deals of the day  is definitely out. I was thinking of getting him a shaver since his is broken but then again... he is  extremely particular about his stuff so how to surprise him?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gold Coins as Christmas Pressies!

Christmas is just 2.5 weeks away! Gosh! Time really flies! And we has less than a week left in KL before we head back to Penang next Tuesday. Can't believe 3 weeks gone in a blink of the eye!

However, this time we are able to view all the Christmas decor in the malls as I finally overcame my fear driving around KL city and slightly beyond! This is the very first time I did that as each time I am too dependent on my dad to ferry us around. Since dad has to work and hubby left the car with me, I thought I'll just make things happen! So glad I took the big step! :D

So, now that I am much more mobile than before, it is easier for me to do stuff around here. I have not seriously started my Christmas shopping yet since it is never easy lugging around an active toddler and a baby alone to the mall! So, I am thinking of buy gold coins as Christmas pressies... good idea?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yummy cookies!

Last Saturday I finally met up with a baker friend after more than 2 years knowing each other! Though we have 'met' each other many time over facebook, it was a different feeling when we get to meet face to face!

When I first started my home baking business, I often get orders from KL. Since I can't take those orders, I decided to source for someone so I could pass those contacts to. I was glad I found the right person after Googling for some home bakers in KL.

She invited us to her house so I could pay a visit to her 'office' where she churns out those beautiful cakes and yummy cookies! In fact, I have been munching on those cookies that she gave me and I can't tell how much weight I have put on since I have been feasting the whole of yesterday! I must go get some Lipofuze when I get back to Penang!!!!!

There goes my Orlando trip!

I'm sad but there's nothing I could do!

Since we will be immigrating next year, we have to shelved most of our vacation plans as hubby felt that we should not be spending so much as we will have to spend a lot for the BIG move! Even my plans to go to Universal Studio in Singapore will not materialized as hubby was quite against me going there. :(

So, don't even mention about Disney World as that will have to wait even longer... till when I don't know! Therefore, no point for me to go check out orlando car rental now since the plan has been shelved.

On the bright side, we might go to Europe or Germany to be precise to visit my sister in law and her family. However, Europe is not somewhere I am keen to visit... I still like the State more! :P

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a fat loaded day!

As it was my little girl's birthday yesterday, I brought the kids out to Mid Valley... on my own! So glad that I can drive around KL on my own now after overcoming my fear. Well, it is not completely a good thing though... as I tend to spend more money this way!!!!

So, what we did at Mid Valley?

When we arrived, it was mid morning around 11-ish so when we passed by the Strudel shop in Metro, we decided to get some bites. Not a good idea as most are sweet stuff but my boy was happy so that was more important. Baby also ate some as yesterday is the day she can start eating more stuff! :D Of course my boy did not finish his share so mommy has to clear all!

Then we walked about looking at the Christmas decor around the mall and went over to Gardens after that. After walking about, I decided to get some cakes from Delectable after all the raves I heard from friends...

After getting the cakes, my boy said he's hungry so we went back to Mid Valley to look for a place to eat since Fong Lye was damn crowded. At the end my boys picked Domino Pizza as he was attracted by that bowl of mushroom soup! hahhaha Kids! He only ate one slice of pizza but drank 2 bowls of soup. So nice they have free refill for soup! The rest mommy has to clear also since Baby can't eat them!

After lunch we left the mall and popped by Tesco near our place before heading home. Mom cooked another scrumptious dinner before Baby blew her candle and eat the cakes!

So, can you imagine the amount of fat I have loaded up yesterday? I must seriously look for diets that worked!!! Must go check out about this acsonix from the acsonix review since I heard it is one of the diet that actually works!