Friday, November 5, 2010

To work or not to work?

This question always kept me wondering.

I have not been working for almost 6 years. Not that long but not that short either. Though I do feel very fulfilled most time being a stay at home mom but sometimes I do miss those social part in the corporate life. I miss having colleagues to talk to and bosses to confide in.

Now that we are moving to another country where the cost of living is high, I do thought about returning to the work force. Though hubby said he can still manage being the sole bread winner but I know it will be tough since we are no longer staying in a fully paid property.

With all that, I wonder how we are going to save enough for old age? Don't even mention of investing in stuff like  gold bars as we definitely won't be able to afford. So, should I consider returning to the work force? Since the kids are already getting bigger, that could be a possibility...

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