Friday, November 5, 2010

My trolley cover is finally here!

photo from here
After waiting for almost 3 months, the Infantino baby trolley/shopping cart cover finally arrived! Thanks to my dear friend in Oregon for helping me to get it. I did not managed to find this particular so no choice but to pester my friend to get it from the mall near by her place! I guess I am the only person who bought this here as I've never seen or heard anyone using it!

Why I bought it? Well, my baby loves to hold the sides of the trolley each time we go shopping and knowing how 'clean' are these trolleys, I have to put a towel to cover all the sides so baby won't touch or get any germs. No matter how hard I tried, the towel tends to fall/slide off when baby yank it away.

Now, I don't have to worry about dirty shopping trolleys anymore!

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