Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of the year... again!

Gosh! Tomorrow is the 1st of December already! We are just 30 days away from 2011!!!

Can't believe this year sailed by so quickly! It seemed I hardly have any time to breath and we are already at the end of the year. What have I done??? Did I achieved any of my new year resolutions? And now I have to get my next year resolution up! Ouch!

Also not forgetting, I have to pay my insurance policy too... which will cut another huge chunk off my 'salary'. I am so tempted to change to another which will have a lower premium. Maybe I should go get a new insurance quote to make some comparisons....

No time to exercise

Hubby is on biz trip for 3 weeks so he has to skip his regular workout sessions which he normally do during the weekends. What's more, he tends to binge on food during these types of trips so it is expected that he will put on some weight when he returned!

I guessed when he returned he will try to 'pay back' by doing more exercises. Not sure if he will take any  testosterone supplement to boost his muscles building or not... but I know he will cut down on fatty food and drinks lots of coffee!!! Since one of his trip to Brazil this round, he will definitely stock up on his coffee supplies!!

Baby, Children and Parents Expo

For the past few years, I have managed to visit the parenting expos in KL as they happened to be held around the end of the year when we are usually in KL. We don't get such expos in Penang. Those in Penang are normally PC shows, home/properties shows or other types of trade shows.

However, the show this year is a little different from those I have visited previously. I discovered many of the popular companies did not participate... thus there were lesser tradeshow giveaways this round. Only managed to get the entrance goodies bag which is nothing to shout about. Only some Vit C and a packet of baby cereal.

The place was extremely crowded so it was kinda tough to push my baby's stroller around the halls... should have carry her in the baby carrier but we parked our car quite far away so just make do!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Going to Japan

Finally, hubby will be going to Japan for his business trip next month. He has been talking about it for a few months about the trip and at last it materialized. However, it will only be a short trip as things in Japan is pretty expensive.

He is going to stay in one of the top hotels when he is in Tokyo which I so wish I could tag along!!!! According to him, it is a good as those luxury new york city hotels if not better! Aaaarrggghhh! If I don't have any kids, I will definitely tag along as this is like once in a life time kinda opportunity!

It finally popped!

The BIG zit next to my nose, that's it!

So glad that it finally popped after my itchy fingers went to meddle with it two nights ago. It was a little annoying as well as painful since it swell up quite a bit so while sitting there day dreaming, those naughty fingers of mine decided to pinch it and it went POP! :P

Since it was just a regular zit, I don't have to go search for acne treatments that work unless those ugly bumps are covering my entire face!

Spring cleaning and packing

Since it is almost the end of the year, it is time for me to do some spring cleaning in preparing for the new year. As the Lunar New Year is at the beginning of February, it is a mere 2.5 months away... which is pretty soon!

Now that I am planning my packing for our move, it is good to do the spring cleaning together. Been clearing some of the old stuff which I'll be giving away to the temple so they can sell them and make some money out of the sale.

Most of our stuff are only for summer so will be getting some winter items before we send off our cargo. Among the things I'll need to buy are long johns (which seems to be much cheaper here), some cardigan sweaters which will be good for spring and autumn and some fleece jackets for the kids which I am getting a friend from the UK to get for me.

Looks like there are more shopping to do in the next few months too!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for the perfect pairs of earrings

I hardly buy any jeweleries now especially with a baby, I try not to wear any. However, I am searching for a pair of hoop earrings which are bigger than the regular gold coins. If I can, I wanted to have a few pairs which have different sizes so they can be worn for different occasions.

These will be kept for future use since baby likes to pull things that dangle on my body. To avoid unnecessary troubles, I only wear my single pearl earrings for the time being. Once she is bigger and cling less to me, Ill start putting on these jeweleries!

Can't wait for the day where I can finally dolly up more!

November is Birthdays Month!

Today my mom celebrates her 61th birthday. After which, my second uncle will celebrate his on the 9th followed by my brother's wife on the 12th. Then it will be my nephew's birthday on the 16th and my son's on the 21th!

So to say, this month I'll be broke buying birthdays' pressies!!!

Since we are still in Penang, we can't celebrate with them so will make it up when we go to KL in 2 weeks time.
Gonna have a mega birthday celebration for all of them!

Making pinata

Our son's birthday is nearing and we have decided to hold a birthday party for him in his school so that he can enjoy with his classmates. Since it is almost school holiday, the teacher told me that we can have it as long as we want so all the kids can have fun as there will be no lessons.

SO, this weekend both hubby and myself are busy preparing for the little party. We went to get the materials this morning and upon returning home, hubby started his project - making the pinata! It is only half done now so can't show anything until it is completed!

To work or not to work?

This question always kept me wondering.

I have not been working for almost 6 years. Not that long but not that short either. Though I do feel very fulfilled most time being a stay at home mom but sometimes I do miss those social part in the corporate life. I miss having colleagues to talk to and bosses to confide in.

Now that we are moving to another country where the cost of living is high, I do thought about returning to the work force. Though hubby said he can still manage being the sole bread winner but I know it will be tough since we are no longer staying in a fully paid property.

With all that, I wonder how we are going to save enough for old age? Don't even mention of investing in stuff like  gold bars as we definitely won't be able to afford. So, should I consider returning to the work force? Since the kids are already getting bigger, that could be a possibility...

Happy Deepavali!!

Wishing all Hindu friends out there a Happy Deepavali and for those who are not celebrating, a Happy Holiday!

Everyone loves year end as this is the season where all the festivals are! After Deepavali, it will be Thanksgiving and soon it will be Christmas! After Christmas it will be New Year!!! Yes, It is going to be 2011 in less than 2 months!!! Time rally flies!

Shortly after the New Year, it will be the Lunar New Year. Gosh! And my birthday is just right after that! And to add in, our wedding anniversary is just right after my birthday! Woah! Endless celebrations!!!!

My trolley cover is finally here!

photo from here
After waiting for almost 3 months, the Infantino baby trolley/shopping cart cover finally arrived! Thanks to my dear friend in Oregon for helping me to get it. I did not managed to find this particular buy.com so no choice but to pester my friend to get it from the mall near by her place! I guess I am the only person who bought this here as I've never seen or heard anyone using it!

Why I bought it? Well, my baby loves to hold the sides of the trolley each time we go shopping and knowing how 'clean' are these trolleys, I have to put a towel to cover all the sides so baby won't touch or get any germs. No matter how hard I tried, the towel tends to fall/slide off when baby yank it away.

Now, I don't have to worry about dirty shopping trolleys anymore!