Friday, October 8, 2010

Saving up to buy gold bars

Since the news about gold price is going up again, we have decided to save up and invent in them. Gold prices has been on the upward trend the last few years and we are amazed by the percentage it has increased.

Instead of keeping our gold jeweleries, we thought of melting them and used them to buy gold bars or gold ingots instead as these are much easier to sell or trade later on. Since I won't be wearing these gold jeweleries, they are better used for investment rather than sitting quietly in the safe deposit box which we still need to pay yearly fees to keep them there.

As we may be migrating soon, it is better that we have something more fluid where we can trade or sell without having to be physically there.

1 Hopper's Notes:

Jessen Tan said...

Did you know that there's a company in Penang that trade gold ingots while giving MONTHLY discounts up to 2.5%?
I have been trading with them for years and have been using their MONTHLY discounts to pay for my monthly car payments.