Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interesting find in the mall

We did not only went to one mall but two today! Yes, we went out before 10am and home at almost 8pm! Almost 11 hours out of the home... with two kids!!! What an achievement heh??!!

So, the other mall that we went to also has a few new tenants and some older ones moved out. I managed to check out a few and was rather attracted to one that was selling some knick-knacks like gifts, soft toys and other small items. And in the many things they have, I spotted old gold coins which I supposed were some imitations stuff. However, they looked quite real if one do not really noticed!

I am no longer into coins collecting at the moment so I did not spend too much time browsing them. Probably some day when my interest returned! :P

Sunway Carnival is more crowded

We went to 2 malls today! Yes, after we were done at Jusco Prai, we went to Sunway Carnival just because we promised our boy that we will let him have fun in the indoor play gym. He has been pestering to go for a long time so since we were already there we just go... Not good to break a promise made to a little boy! :P

When we arrived it was almost 3pm and to our surprise, that place was extremely crowded with shoppers! Not sure if they go for serious shopping or just spend time in the mall to enjoy the aircon? hehehe Whatever it is, we still spent 3 hours there since our boy refused to leave!

Mega Inflated Gym - Gone!

We went to Jusco at Seberang Prai this morning since we have not been there for a while. As usual, we have to go very early since we wanted to get the free kiddy car for our boy. We arrived around 10+ and was glad that there are still many available.

So, after going around the mall browsing at stuff, we decided to bring our boy to the mega inflated gym located on the Ground floor in the far end corner. To our surprise, it was GONE!!!! Our boy was extremely disappointed!

Since there was no more gym, so we just let him enjoy at the playland opposite before going to the DIY shop. And boy was my hubby a happy man when he found a lot of cheap stuff there! :P

Was so tempted!

This morning we went over to the Mainland so that we can bring our boy to spend some time in the biggest indoor playground in one of the malls there. While he was in there and hubby was taking care of him, I brought my girl with me to walk around the mall.

It has been a while we last stepped our foot there and discovered there were a few new tenants and among them are two gold jewelery shops and one selling steels products. Out of curiosity, I visited one of the jewelery shops and discovered that they also sell gold bars which some of the older shops do not. I tell you, I was so tempted to buy one!!!

Looks like gold bars are getting very popular now as more and more jewelery shops are offering them to their customers! Maybe in the future we don't buy designed jewelery but gold bars!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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I want to eat but don't want to be fat

So how???

We are just a few months away from our big move that I am actually started planning my 'food' list. Food is the one thing that I am going to miss besides my family. Therefore, I am actually listing down all the food that I must have before we go.

One of the food which I am going to miss most is nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with chilies and other condiments). Though I know Melbourne has this dish but I can be sure their taste will be very different. No nasi lemak in the world tasted as good as the one in Malaysia for sure! But how much can I eat? Once a day or 3 times a day? Since it is laden with fat (it uses coconut milk) chances of me putting up many kilos if I lap these up a few times a week!

I can't be checking on all the time right? I need a good solution for my short term food binging!

Woman in a Male body

This morning I was reading the digital news of a local tabloid in Singapore about a lady who hopes to find a soul mate who does not mind about her body. Well, she is not fat but rather she is so muscular, all the men will be put to shame!

This lady was... well, obsessed with body building and after years of muscle training and doing weight lifting, she now has a body of Mr Universe! I don't envy her body shape but I envy her courage to do that to her body!

I'm not sure if she has read any nano vapor reviews, or if she is a user of this nitric oxide which is well known in the weight lifting community.

Never need any advance

In my entire working life, I have never have the need to have any payday advance as I make sure I do not over budget or over spend each month. However, it is not the case for many blue collar workers. A relative who runs a construction firm often face with this problem. Many of his staff will ask for advance wages to be paid.

Though the company do not practice that but the boss is often too kind and gave way to his workers. These people are paid very low and with today's high cost of living, it is no wonder they can't tie over each month!

MIL on her way to Spain

After home for 3 weeks from Germany, my mother in law is on the plane again. She is still going to the same continent but to Western Spain instead for another week of vacation. OK, many people is envious of her jet-setting lifestyle. I wish I could have such opportunity too when I am at her age!

Where did she gets all those monies? Well, for one, she is very good in making investment. Besides investing in fixed deposits, she is also into other types of investments and one of them is buying gold bullions when the price is right as she always has the belief that gold prices stay optimistic all the time compared to any other things she has invested in the past.

Probably I'll have to follow her too and maybe earn enough to travel the world! :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

*You are getting fatter*

That was what the hubby told me yesterday morning when he hugged me. Hmmm.... not a good thing to hear in the morning isn't it?

Well, I must admit that I have been stuffing myself with food... I snack very often too which is why the additional bulges started to appear lately. OK. I know it is not very good and I do hope before I wean the little girl off my breasts, I can hit my desired weight.

If by then nothing happened, then I'll have to find other alternatives. I wonder if chromium picolinate and weight loss do come hand in hand? Hate the idea of being dependent on stuff like these!

Sleep deprived!!!!!

Every night for the past weeks (or issit months????) I never get more than 4 hours of sleep a night! Baby has been cranky and she will always cry when she turned around. This started about 5 months back I think and ever since I never get any good sleep. When she cry I'll have to quickly boob her to quiet her down else the noise will wake hubby and the brother up.

And now it is finally weekend and I hope I can catch extra winks the next two nights... if possible without any  sleep aids at least. I don't want to to be dependent on them else I won't be able to sleep on my own next time.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things that he wanted to bring along

... when we move... is a few sets of the latest model of HDTVs!

That was what hubby told me a few days ago when he spotted a flyer sent by one of the local electrical stores here. He said the prices of these TVs are so cheap now in Malaysia that it really make him wonder if we should buy them here or when we moved Down Under? Guess, the price there can't beat those here for sure!

The only problem is, will they arrived safely in our containers??? That was the biggest concern we have as we do not want to have broken TVs when we open up our boxes! So what if they are cheap but can't be used??

They are in Gold Coast

Both my brother and my SIL is in Gold Coast now to attend their company's conference. It was actually a trip won by my SIL by achieving her yearly sale target which got her 2 places for the trip. That was why my brother get to go too. It was all expenses paid for trip so all they need to bring is some spending money and of course a set of steiner binoculars! They are going to visit Sea World and probably Surfer Paradise during these few days.

We hope to go to Gold Coast too but not so soon. Probably in 2 years time when we have settled down in Melbourne. Can't wait to go... the kids will be trilled!!! :D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Saving up to buy gold bars

Since the news about gold price is going up again, we have decided to save up and invent in them. Gold prices has been on the upward trend the last few years and we are amazed by the percentage it has increased.

Instead of keeping our gold jeweleries, we thought of melting them and used them to buy gold bars or gold ingots instead as these are much easier to sell or trade later on. Since I won't be wearing these gold jeweleries, they are better used for investment rather than sitting quietly in the safe deposit box which we still need to pay yearly fees to keep them there.

As we may be migrating soon, it is better that we have something more fluid where we can trade or sell without having to be physically there.

The start of the 10 days feat

Today is the 9th month on the Lunar Calendar and that means the Hokkien in the country (the Buddhists) will go on a 10 days vegetarian feat. This is to celebrate Tien Gong or the Heavenly God or Jade Emperor on the 9th day of the 9th month on the Lunar calendar. This festival is mostly celebrated by the Hokkien people here especially those who are residing in Penang where it is an extremely grand event.

Stalls selling vegetarian feasts will be every where around the island as most of the devotees will go on a 9 or 10 days vegetarian feat. This is the best time to check out all the vegetarian food where there comes in all kinds and colors which are really interesting! I'm am going to check these stalls out this weekend! :P

Planning for baby's 1st Birthday

Gosh! In less than 2 months my baby will turn 1 year old! How time flies!!! I can still remember clearly when she arrived 10 months ago!

My kids' birthdays are less than 2 weeks apart hence it will be really busy for me this year as I have to plan 2 birthdays within 2 weeks! My boy will turn 5 this year so we thought of giving him a grand birthday party in his school so that he can have fun with his classmates. Since his actual birthday falls on the week of school holiday starts, we will do it a few days earlier.

As for baby, we still can't decide if we should have a grand birthday party for her since it is a milestone that she is turning 1! Probably I will bake a cake and maybe (if I have time) I'll even do a slide show of her from birth to when she turns ONE.

We are all pretty excited!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

Initially I was rather confused about Accutane as it is actually a type powerful drug used to treat acne but also found that they are related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis. After reading a few results after searching from the web I found that the drugs are associated with all these injuries.

So, if you are anyone you knew contracted these diseases after using Accutane, you could actually pursue a  Accutane lawsuit to claim for these injuries. The folks at O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath are well trained in this aspect so it would be good if you could get them to help you.

Watching my diet

Now that Burger King is here, I'll probably be eating more burgers than I should since I love their Whoppers so much! Before this, I hardly eat burger... probably once or twice a month when we visit Chili's. I don't take McD if I have a choice and since I can refrained from eating them for years... they are not a threat. I only go there when I want to have my boy entertained. :P

That being said, I should really start to watch my diet from now on. If possible I would want to avoid taking any diet pills or fat burners since I don't really know their credibility. I often wonder are fat burners safe? Since I have read about some misfortunes by others who have taken these substance to control their weight, guess I better be careful. Can't take the risk...

Burger King is finally in Penang!

Hurray!!! My favorite Whopper is finally here after a long 6 years wait!

They purportedly opened last Thursday according to a friend. We made our way there on the next day to check the place out. The place is kind of out of the way and I don't think it is a popular location with many of us but what the hack since most of us drive on this island! :P

The location : The Promenade is along the Jelutong Highway facing the seafront just next to the Nautilus Bay housing estate. Pretty easy to locate BK which is on the left when you came to the end of the road opposite the sea.