Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woke up 8 times!

Last night was one of the worst night I had. Baby woke up so many times and I roughly counted 8 times altogether! I am not sure why she got so cranky and fussed whole night. It started after midnight and I can't get back to sleep after the first cry. I suspected she might be feeling the pain from the mozzie bites last night which has kind of swollen this morning. Hope nothing serious though...

This morning I was like a zombie but still I got to wake up since I have to drive my boy to school. I can feel some zits popping up around my nose area as I can feel the inflammation. I might have to pop by the pharmacy later to pick up some suitable acne products.

Today is also another very 'eventful' day with my parents coming and baby having slight fever. Don't know why all things love to happen at the same time!

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