Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a 'FINE' day!

Initially I have wanted to go for the Jusco's Member Sale this morning but hubby did not want to go and I don't think lugging baby alone will be a good idea. Therefore, in the end I decided to stay home and cooked lunch instead.

In the afternoon, hubby wanted to go to town to buy more moon cakes. He wanted to get from the traditional store which his auntie recommended. So we went around 3pm and the whole place was so congested with cars! We made a few rounds but still can't find any parking and suddenly we saw an empty space in front of a shop which is only 50M away from the moon cake shop. However, it was a double yellow lines so we are not supposed to park but we can't go round and round so decided to just park there. And that was a huge mistake!

After we bought the moon cakes, we saw the traffic police!!!! And guess what? Yes, we got a 'FINE'! :(

We felt so bad that even talking about the Royal Caribbean cruise also can't lift our spirit. This was the first time we got a traffic fine for parking illegally. Never have we thought we will get the fine. Guess we'll have to pay at least RM30 for it. What a lousy day! There goes 2 pieces of moon cakes!!!!

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