Saturday, September 11, 2010

USD at all time low!

This morning I got the saddest news... USD has dropped so drastically that it hit USD1 = RM3.11!!! I was hoping that it will go up since I need to change some USD to RM. I don;t know when it will go back to RM3.50 again. Initially I was hoping that it will at least hit RM3.60 since the economy has sort of recovering.

Now I am stuck as I can't move my USD. I don't want to lose too much during the exchange so was hoping hard that it will go up but who knows it dropped further! :(

I should have bought gold bullion with my USD and probably I would have gain so much by now! Well, what to do since I can't predict the future!!!!

Hopefully the greenback will inch up a little after the weekend...

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