Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too much moon cakes

I think this year we ate the most moon cakes! Normally we only get one box (which has 4 pieces inside) and that will be it. However, this year hubby has been on a moon cake 'fest'! We have bought at least 10 pieces (2 and half boxes) even before Mid Autumn Festival! The actual day is next Wednesday and that means we still have a week to go!

Now, we are left with 1.5 pieces at home and I think hubby will go get some again (in fact we were at the shop earlier to buy for my parents) since my mother in law will be home next week to celebrate the occasion.

When I don't see them, I don't think of eating but once I see them I'll go cut a slice. So how to lose weight like that???? Guess my hard work looking for slimming products here and there will be futile if hubby continue to entice me with all the fattening food!

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