Monday, September 6, 2010

The start of school holiday

As much as I dreaded the week is finally here. Yes, the 2nd term school holiday begins today for the a week for most schools in the country which coincide with the Hari Raya Holiday (the Muslim's New year). I really don't know how to handle 2 screaming kids from morning for the next 4 days on my own.

If I keep them at home all the time, I anticipate more yelling since the elder boy is kind of stubborn and the baby is a cry-baby! It's gonna be a noisy affair for the week!

Anyway, I thought I'll just bring them out for most part of the day so we spend less time at home so there will be less screaming and yelling. Probably I'll go out to search and buy gold coins to expand my collection while the two kids busy looking around the shops.

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