Monday, September 13, 2010

Rojak 'King' of Penang

We used to buy rojak (mixed fruits with prawn paste and crushed peanuts) frequently before I was pregger with our baby girl. Due to the unhealthy prawn paste, we stopped eating too much of rojak after I conceived as prawn paste is high in cholesterol.

Now that baby is already 9 months old, so it is quite safe to indulge again as we might not get to eat this particular yummy street food when we migrate. Guess we have to eat to our heart content before our big move!!!! :P

One of the rojak vendor who claimed to be the 'King' is the one at Macullum Street or famously known as 5th Street of Penang near to town. The way they do their rojak is different from other rojak vendors. Instead of mixing the sauce together with fruits medley, they put them in separate containers.

This particular vendor gives lots of ingredient for their sauces. Instead of only crushed roasted peanuts, she also added tiny roasted shrimps which gave a very nice fragrant to the sauce. It goes really well with the fruits of course!

Now that I am looking at these pictures I felt like having some rojak!! :P

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