Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yummy Street Food @ New Lane Penang

Though I have been living in Penang for almost 6 years now but I don't venture to many places for food though Penang is considered as 'Food Heaven' in Malaysia. This is because my dear hubby dislike crowd and places where parking is a problem. Therefore, we will go to a few common places where food are ok and ample parking.

Most good street food can be found in New Lane where tourists patronises most of the time. We try not to go there during weekends as this place will be so packed with people... if we do want to go on a weekend, we have to be there early.
Batu Maung Satay & Pork Satay with peanut sauce
My current favorite is the special 'Batu Maung' satay (the light yellow variant)... I think by far these 'satays' or meat kebabs are one of the best I have had to date. They are very tasty as all the marinade stick on to the meat itself so you don't even need any peanut sauce. The stall in New Lane also sell the regular varieties which goes with the peanut sauce. I particularly like the pork satay (the darker variant).

Chee-cheong-fun (rice flour rolls in prawn paste sauce)
The other food which we definitely will order is the 'chee cheong fun' (rice flour rolls) which comes with prawn paste sauce. This is a must have as it is uniquely Penang to say the least!

Tourists will normally throng this place every weekends. Especially when there is a long weekend, Penangites will have to avoid going there as it is simple impossible to get a seat! It is as if they buy gold bars at rock bottom price!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too much moon cakes

I think this year we ate the most moon cakes! Normally we only get one box (which has 4 pieces inside) and that will be it. However, this year hubby has been on a moon cake 'fest'! We have bought at least 10 pieces (2 and half boxes) even before Mid Autumn Festival! The actual day is next Wednesday and that means we still have a week to go!

Now, we are left with 1.5 pieces at home and I think hubby will go get some again (in fact we were at the shop earlier to buy for my parents) since my mother in law will be home next week to celebrate the occasion.

When I don't see them, I don't think of eating but once I see them I'll go cut a slice. So how to lose weight like that???? Guess my hard work looking for slimming products here and there will be futile if hubby continue to entice me with all the fattening food!

It has been 4 years!

The other day I spoke to my friend who is residing in LA over on MSN and she asked me when we will be visiting again as Halloween is approaching! Yes, it has been 4 years since our trip to the US and I do wanted to go again!

Halloween is indeed a very fun time in the US as compared to here since we don't really celebrate this festival. I just love the way people decorate their houses and the time for trick or treat. I am sure my boy will love it too since he was too young to enjoy 4 years ago!

I remembered I had so much fun searching for baby halloween costumes back then as it was our very first time celebrating Halloween and joining the trick and treat fun!

Time to scrub and do a mask!

I have not been using the facial scrub and face mask for sometimes as I am trying out a new line of skin care products which does not include any facial scrub or mask. Must be due to getting used to, I found that I need the facial scrub for blackhead removal and the face mask for closing back the opened pores.

Since today is a rest and relax day, I thought I'll do a scrub and mask before I retire for the night so I'll have a fresh looking face tomorrow!

A pit stop

My parents popped by for a pit stop last night after attending my grandaunt's funeral in our hometown and visiting my maternal grandmother in Kulim. Dad wanted to go back to Ipoh for the night initially but the drive will be too long for him so I persuaded him to come here instead. Since my mom was not feeling too well, so Penang will be much nearer.

I had wanted them to stay longer but dad told me he has to work tomorrow and he also needs to get his other car's auto insurance renewed so he has to be home by today. Hopefully the traffic will be smooth today as it is yet another public holiday to celebrate Malaysia Day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I might try some...

... sleeping pills if I can't sleep in the next few days.

This is yet another final decision I have to resort to if my sleep continued to be disrupted by baby's crying during the night. Though I have never thought of using them before but my lack of sleep is really getting to me as zits are popping up, eyes having deep eye bags and I'm starting to have blur visions.

Will try to check which sleeping pills that really work from the pharmacist later when I go and pick up some acne cream. *sigh* Life with a baby can be hellish when she don't sleep at night!

Woke up 8 times!

Last night was one of the worst night I had. Baby woke up so many times and I roughly counted 8 times altogether! I am not sure why she got so cranky and fussed whole night. It started after midnight and I can't get back to sleep after the first cry. I suspected she might be feeling the pain from the mozzie bites last night which has kind of swollen this morning. Hope nothing serious though...

This morning I was like a zombie but still I got to wake up since I have to drive my boy to school. I can feel some zits popping up around my nose area as I can feel the inflammation. I might have to pop by the pharmacy later to pick up some suitable acne products.

Today is also another very 'eventful' day with my parents coming and baby having slight fever. Don't know why all things love to happen at the same time!

She is graduating soon

Time really flies! Hubby's cousin who went to Brisbane to read Pharmacy four years ago will graduate end of this year. I can still remember clearly when we were invited to have farewell dinner together with the rest of the family and relatives shortly after Chinese New Year in 2007.

She is currently doing her final semester and will have to start looking for a job if she don't intend to continue studying for any research degrees. According to her mom, she needs to get 'register' as a pharmacist for 1.5 years before being recognized as one. Therefore, she has to find work in pharmacies to gain that experience.

Hopefully she will get something soon else she will required to come back to Malaysia which she don't intend to as getting 'registered' in Malaysia will takes four years!

All the best Cheryl!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rojak 'King' of Penang

We used to buy rojak (mixed fruits with prawn paste and crushed peanuts) frequently before I was pregger with our baby girl. Due to the unhealthy prawn paste, we stopped eating too much of rojak after I conceived as prawn paste is high in cholesterol.

Now that baby is already 9 months old, so it is quite safe to indulge again as we might not get to eat this particular yummy street food when we migrate. Guess we have to eat to our heart content before our big move!!!! :P

One of the rojak vendor who claimed to be the 'King' is the one at Macullum Street or famously known as 5th Street of Penang near to town. The way they do their rojak is different from other rojak vendors. Instead of mixing the sauce together with fruits medley, they put them in separate containers.

This particular vendor gives lots of ingredient for their sauces. Instead of only crushed roasted peanuts, she also added tiny roasted shrimps which gave a very nice fragrant to the sauce. It goes really well with the fruits of course!

Now that I am looking at these pictures I felt like having some rojak!! :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing Spring in Perth

One of the best time of the year in Perth is now - Spring! Every where we go we can see beautiful wild flowers blooming! What a wonderful sight!!!

Last year, around this time we were in Perth and we went to Kings Park for the Wild Flowers Festival. Though this is not my first time there but it was for my hubby and my boy. They enjoyed the beautiful place so much that we hope to go again!

Here are what you'll get to see...

Beautiful skyline of Perth City

Beautiful Wild Flowers blooming

Wild flowers

Not sure when we'll get to go to Perth again. I really miss this place dearly. The clear blue sky and beautiful weather is to die for! :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

USD at all time low!

This morning I got the saddest news... USD has dropped so drastically that it hit USD1 = RM3.11!!! I was hoping that it will go up since I need to change some USD to RM. I don;t know when it will go back to RM3.50 again. Initially I was hoping that it will at least hit RM3.60 since the economy has sort of recovering.

Now I am stuck as I can't move my USD. I don't want to lose too much during the exchange so was hoping hard that it will go up but who knows it dropped further! :(

I should have bought gold bullion with my USD and probably I would have gain so much by now! Well, what to do since I can't predict the future!!!!

Hopefully the greenback will inch up a little after the weekend...

Considering a DSLR

The past few weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time reading up on some review on some entry level DSLR. The two brands which I am keen in is of course Canon and Nikon but I got to know about Panasonic - Lumix as well which is so much cheaper as compared to the two other brands.

Since I have a baby, I would like to have one which is not too heavy and bulky else it will be very troublesome to lug around but these are the 'real' Pro cameras which will give me the kind of effects and quality I am after. Though most of the pictures which I want to take will be still life (mostly on food) so, the size should not be a matter but I may want to bring it out with me when I travel so weight is one thing I really need to consider.

Hopefully I can find a good model which has all the functions I want and at the right price.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

This year we did not go any where during the long weekend break. Normally we will spend the holiday in Singapore but the timing was not too good so we decided to stay on the island instead. After all, we have gone for our vacation earlier this year so will have to wait for next year!

Wishing all Muslim readers of Hop Here Hop There a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin! If you have to be on the road, remember to drive safely!

Hope you have a wonderful time this Raya enjoying all the yummy food! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

The start of school holiday

As much as I dreaded the week is finally here. Yes, the 2nd term school holiday begins today for the a week for most schools in the country which coincide with the Hari Raya Holiday (the Muslim's New year). I really don't know how to handle 2 screaming kids from morning for the next 4 days on my own.

If I keep them at home all the time, I anticipate more yelling since the elder boy is kind of stubborn and the baby is a cry-baby! It's gonna be a noisy affair for the week!

Anyway, I thought I'll just bring them out for most part of the day so we spend less time at home so there will be less screaming and yelling. Probably I'll go out to search and buy gold coins to expand my collection while the two kids busy looking around the shops.

New Twisties on the shelf

I was out groceries shopping the other day and wanted to get some snacks for myself when I chanced upon something on the shelves.

Yes, Twisties came out with a few new flavors and I bought one of them to try. This is supposedly the Peppery Jalapeno & Pickle flavor but what I tasted was just pepper!

The flavor was rather artificial as compared to some of their older available flavors. I think I still prefer their Satay flavor.

There is a salmon flavor which I might buy to try when I go shopping the next round. Hopefully it tasted better than this one.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a 'FINE' day!

Initially I have wanted to go for the Jusco's Member Sale this morning but hubby did not want to go and I don't think lugging baby alone will be a good idea. Therefore, in the end I decided to stay home and cooked lunch instead.

In the afternoon, hubby wanted to go to town to buy more moon cakes. He wanted to get from the traditional store which his auntie recommended. So we went around 3pm and the whole place was so congested with cars! We made a few rounds but still can't find any parking and suddenly we saw an empty space in front of a shop which is only 50M away from the moon cake shop. However, it was a double yellow lines so we are not supposed to park but we can't go round and round so decided to just park there. And that was a huge mistake!

After we bought the moon cakes, we saw the traffic police!!!! And guess what? Yes, we got a 'FINE'! :(

We felt so bad that even talking about the Royal Caribbean cruise also can't lift our spirit. This was the first time we got a traffic fine for parking illegally. Never have we thought we will get the fine. Guess we'll have to pay at least RM30 for it. What a lousy day! There goes 2 pieces of moon cakes!!!!