Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kwan-Yin Pagoda is almost complete

We don't normally go to Kek Lok Si unless we bring our friends and relatives from out of states for sight seeing. The last time we went was the previous Chinese New Year for the lanterns light up. My friend and her family came last month and we brought them up there since this is their first time to Penang.

The pagoda which housed the biggest Kwan-Yin statue is almost at the completion stage after more than 5 years of construction. I think it is a steel building since it has one of the most beautifuly structured roof I've ever seen.

If you have not been up there recently, you should pay a visit as the pagoda and the Kwan-Yin is really something you should not miss. The pillars are intricately crafted with traditional Chinese motives.

This project cost an undisclosed amount of millions of Ringgit!

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