Friday, August 27, 2010

A chore I dreaded...

Washing the toilet and bathrooms!

I try to wash them as frequent as possible but sometimes there are just too many things to do that I have to keep putting these off. Not that our bathrooms are so filthy that even the rats avoid! It has never been my favorite things to do... honestly... who will be happy to wash these 2 places?

Anyway, I have planned to clean them this weekend since hubby will be home so he can help mind the kids while I do all the cleaning up. Hubby do helped to wash occasionally but he only scrub the floor and left the wall untouched. Over time the stains can be an eye sore!

Another thing I dreaded is to move those bathroom accessories before I start my thorough cleaning up of the place. I hate it when all these things are obstucting my effiency! :P

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