Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collecting gold coins as a hobby

Previously I have never thought I will collect gold coins as a hobby but I have just discovered that I can make some extra money from trading some of them! This is a rather unusual hobby for me as I am still very new in this and to know the value of these coins I have to read up a lot.

My grand uncle has been a collector of old coins for decades and he was the one who encouraged me to start this hobby so I could take over his collection one day. His has a huge collection and I can tell you, those could amount to thousands of dollars! What is more, these coins will appreciate over time as they have certain historical values attached to them. Cool right?

Now, I am spending some of my free time reading up on this... especially those rare coins.

100 Yen Store Merdeka Sale

From tomorrow (28th August) till next Tuesday (31st August), all 100 Yen stores will be having Merdeka Sale. All 100 Yen Loyalty card holders will entitled to a 5% discount on purchases above RM50 in a single receipt. On top of that, you will also get a recycle shopping bag for free!

That was not all! You can even have a chance at a lucky draw to win a 4 feet high penguin stuff toy!

So, hurry up and visit your nearest 100 yen shore now!!! Don't be late or be square! :P

Interesting gadgets

A couple of weeks back, we went to the Mainland to do some shopping. It has been a long time since we pop by Jusco Perda so thought that the mid year sale was still on going then we went to have a peep. Can't remember when was our last time visiting but there has been quite a bit of changes during this visit.

Some of the empty lots has been occupied now and that means more place for me to shop! While my boy went to the inflates gym I went to look around these newly opened DIY shop situated just next to the playland. I was quite happy as they have lots of stuff!

And each time I go in shops like these I'll never go empty handed! Among the stuff I bought, this is by far one of the most interesting gadgets...

It is a mini rubbish cone drainer which is supposed to be stuck onto the sink wall so that all the liquid can flow out from the tiny holes and left all the solids in the drainer which we can then throw in the dustbin less the liquid. What an interesting and ingenious gadget!

Craving for Bak Kua (Pork Jerky)

Though it is not Chinese New Year yet that does not means we cannot buy bak kua or pork jerky to eat. Normally we only buy during Chinese New Year period as it is one of 'premium' delicacies for the festival. However, time has changed and we can buy any time round the year.

Recently we have been craving for these bak kua. Hubby decided to buy a small packet to satisfy his cravings. since it was only a few slices, we finished them in no time. Therefore, I planned to go get some tomorrow when we go shop for moon cakes. I intend to get the normal sliced meat variety as well as the gold coin variety which my boy likes to eat as it is small and round and perfect for little hands.

Hopefully there will be promotions at the store I intend to purchase from since Moon cake festival is just around the corner. Normally they will try to give some discounts during this period.

Typing this is making me hungry now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yummy food @ Ah Chai's

Last week some friends from KL and Ipoh drove up to Penang for work and holiday. They brought along their kids as well and stayed at one of the beach hotels here. It was so good to catch up with them as it was my first time meeting one of them whom just came back from the UK with her kids. However, she only brought her little girl along and left her son in the care of her mom in Ipoh.

When friends came to Penang, all the wanted to do was to eat and eat! Therefore, we decided to bring them to one of the latest seafood restaurant which we have just discovered just a few weeks earlier. This place is located near the airport called Batu Maung. It is just at the end of the Free Trade Zone. The restaurant is along the main road just a few metres away from the industrial supplies area. Their food is so damn good!

Lets the photos do the talking....

Fried Nestum Mantis Prawns
Ginger and Spring Onions Clams
Pan Fried Salted Cray Fish
Kam-Heong Bamboo Clams
Pan Fried Asam Prawns
Salted Eggs Crabs
Our orders

There were 4 adults, one teen and 3 kids at the table and we ate all the above!!!! On top of that, all of us had a plate of steamed rice and a glass of Umbra juice each! Amazing? You bet!

A chore I dreaded...

Washing the toilet and bathrooms!

I try to wash them as frequent as possible but sometimes there are just too many things to do that I have to keep putting these off. Not that our bathrooms are so filthy that even the rats avoid! It has never been my favorite things to do... honestly... who will be happy to wash these 2 places?

Anyway, I have planned to clean them this weekend since hubby will be home so he can help mind the kids while I do all the cleaning up. Hubby do helped to wash occasionally but he only scrub the floor and left the wall untouched. Over time the stains can be an eye sore!

Another thing I dreaded is to move those bathroom accessories before I start my thorough cleaning up of the place. I hate it when all these things are obstucting my effiency! :P

TGIF and the boy is off school today

Finally it is Friday! This week has been a busy one for me as I have so many chores to do and errands to run. So glad that I have completed some of them but there are still a lot more waiting for me.

Today, it is a public holiday too and that means the boy is home. However, hubby's company do not observe this day as a public holiday since it is more of a religion kind of thing so most MNCs operate as usual.

The baby is not sleeping well again last night with many rounds of crying. It is really getting on my nerves. The pacifiers are not working after all so wasted some money on that. I wonder when will all these crying spells stop?

Since both kids are at home, means I have very little time to do my own stuff. I am still trying to find a particular  gold coin which a friend has given to me some years back but can't seems to find it. I really hate to rummage through all my junks!

Time to change our phone

Our current phones in the house came together with our subscription so you can imagine how boring looking these phone can be. Worst, they are not even cordless phones! Imagine when we can even bring around when we are doing something away from the socket area. Very inconvenient indeed! It is about time we change all these antique phone around the house!

I has been on the look out for some Panasonic cordless phones for a while but still can't decide which to get. I even read up quite a bit on cordless phone reviews to help me decide. Hubby thought we should get one that comes with a few handsets so we don't have to pass the phone around when we are on the different levels in the house.

Will see how it goes... must think of the cost and functionality first.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I miss buying Christmas pressies!

When I was in the corporate world, I used to buy all my colleagues Chrismast pressies. Yes, you read it right... each and everyone in the office! At one time, there were almost 60 people in my company and boy was it tough to shop for 60 pressies!!!!

In those days, Internet shopping was unheard of so I have to walk from mall to malls over a few weekends just to search for the right gift for each person. It was tough work!!! How nice if I can have some chic and cheap xmas ideas back then so I don't have to scratch my head to think!

Now I don't have to shop for so many people anymore and I kind of miss the fun. Well, it is fun to give and receive sometimes! :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cooling Coconut Jelly

One of the best thing when the weather get extremely is to have one of these...

If I am not wrong, we can only get these coconut jelly in Penang for the time being as I've not heard it being sold elsewhere out of Penang Island. They came in 2 different 'flavors'. One is origional and another one is 'pandan' (screwpine) flavor.

It is extremely yummy when ate on a hot hot day... The jelly is very smooth and will slide down your throat and cool you down immediately!

Not really sure how they do it though but it was really refreshing!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kwan-Yin Pagoda is almost complete

We don't normally go to Kek Lok Si unless we bring our friends and relatives from out of states for sight seeing. The last time we went was the previous Chinese New Year for the lanterns light up. My friend and her family came last month and we brought them up there since this is their first time to Penang.

The pagoda which housed the biggest Kwan-Yin statue is almost at the completion stage after more than 5 years of construction. I think it is a steel building since it has one of the most beautifuly structured roof I've ever seen.

If you have not been up there recently, you should pay a visit as the pagoda and the Kwan-Yin is really something you should not miss. The pillars are intricately crafted with traditional Chinese motives.

This project cost an undisclosed amount of millions of Ringgit!