Friday, July 30, 2010

Tempted to get a DSLR

My current camera is a regular point and shoot and it can't really perform when the surrounding is dark. If I uses the flash, most times my photos will come out over exposed but if I disable the flash, all will be under-exposed. Another point is, I can't take good close-up with good depth of field.

Though mine is a Canon camera I found that this particular model is not a very good one. We bought in a hurry so did not really check its features in depth. Since I take a lot of close up for my blogs' usage, I think a good DSLR with a wide lense will be more suitable.

I am thinking of getting the Canon 550D but it kind of beyond my budget. And according to hubby, the new age DSLR is coming out so asked me to wait a little longer before I decide.

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