Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The end of the durian season

As mentioned earlier, we brought my friends from Singapore to a few durian plantations in Balik Pulau last weekend. It was a fun experience for them as this is the first time they see durian hanging on the tree! They also managed to get glimpses of premium durians which were being tied with strings to protect them from being falling onto the ground. These durians are as priceless as some gold coins to the orchard owners! :P

Che-kak (green husk)

Special mixed species

Amy Yip (Yeh-je-mei)

We went to 2 different farms and enjoyed a few different species of the famous durians on this island which can't be found in other places. Hubby was enjoying as well since he is a durian lover just like my friend and her hubby. I think all of them had a good finger licking time!

I guess we are very lucky to get to eat some of these famous species though it is nearing the end of season soon. One of the orchard owner told us to be there earlier next year to enjoy some of the other species which already gone by now.

1 Hopper's Notes:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Angeleyes....its me, Lee. How you doin'?
Wow! I have always loved Penang durians....
I still remember one night after midnight taking an SYT around Penang Island, almost hit a fallen durian on the road at Balik Pulau, almost ended up in the ditch, and in my open top sports car too....she is sarong kebaya.

The durians in your pics sure looks delicious....can get the smell here too.
We get ours from Thailand, frozen, in packets or whole fruits, boleh tahan...but not the same as what you eating in Penang.

You have fun and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.