Friday, July 30, 2010

Tempted to get a DSLR

My current camera is a regular point and shoot and it can't really perform when the surrounding is dark. If I uses the flash, most times my photos will come out over exposed but if I disable the flash, all will be under-exposed. Another point is, I can't take good close-up with good depth of field.

Though mine is a Canon camera I found that this particular model is not a very good one. We bought in a hurry so did not really check its features in depth. Since I take a lot of close up for my blogs' usage, I think a good DSLR with a wide lense will be more suitable.

I am thinking of getting the Canon 550D but it kind of beyond my budget. And according to hubby, the new age DSLR is coming out so asked me to wait a little longer before I decide.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The end of the durian season

As mentioned earlier, we brought my friends from Singapore to a few durian plantations in Balik Pulau last weekend. It was a fun experience for them as this is the first time they see durian hanging on the tree! They also managed to get glimpses of premium durians which were being tied with strings to protect them from being falling onto the ground. These durians are as priceless as some gold coins to the orchard owners! :P

Che-kak (green husk)

Special mixed species

Amy Yip (Yeh-je-mei)

We went to 2 different farms and enjoyed a few different species of the famous durians on this island which can't be found in other places. Hubby was enjoying as well since he is a durian lover just like my friend and her hubby. I think all of them had a good finger licking time!

I guess we are very lucky to get to eat some of these famous species though it is nearing the end of season soon. One of the orchard owner told us to be there earlier next year to enjoy some of the other species which already gone by now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eating more durian this year!

This year the weather seems to be very ideal for our King of Fruit so the harvest was so much better than last year. The prices were much lower too and there were abundance of good quality durian being sold everyday.

Hubby has been buying a pack or two almost every other day! This year, he ate more than the previous years as he said 'we should eat as much as we can before our move!'. :P Well, not that I do not want to eat... though it has not been among my favorite food but knowing it packs a mean amount of 'FAT' that it will takes me weeks to shed off! I can't be depending on weight loss supplement all the time as I might get too dependent on them next time.

Anyway, this weekend we will be bringing my friend and her family up to the platation to have a good time eating durian... or probably having durian buffet just for the experience!

Visitors from Lion City

Finally after more than 5 years my good friend from Singapore is coming to Penang for vacation. This is the first time she is bringing her son on an aeroplane too which will be very exciting for the little boy. Her boy and my boy was borne only a month apart so naturally, they are good friends too!

Just communicated with her through emails earlier and she told me she needs to settle her life insurance quote first before her trip so that she will have an ease of mind when she is here.

For this trip, we have planned to bring them for makan-makan around the island espcially going to the durian plantation for the King of Fruit!

This is her very first trip to the island too so she is equally excited as her son!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The time is here...

... that I should really take good care of my diet!

My girl is already 7-month+ now and she has offically started solid since last week. This means she will require lesser and lesser milk from me and will even wean herself off very soon which I hope won't be happening in the next one year!

Currently I am still very unaffected with my diet. Yes, I am eating whatever and whenever it pleases me! I eat as and when I feel or don't feel hungry! Very bad habit indeed but I just have the urges to munch all the time!

Probably I may need diet pills that work if I still not able to control my diet to maintain my current weight and shape! Hubby has been making lots of complains lately about those growing bulges around my waist! :P

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A tired week...

Now that I have a school going kid, holidays should be a happy occasion but not for me! Why? Well, I felt I am more tired and needed more time if both the kids are at home from morning till night! I have to mind them all the time and I rarely have much time to do my own things!

I have started to feel pain all over my body due to lack of sleep (baby is not sleeping too well) and feeling lethargic since I don't get enough sleep since I can't fall back to sleep after I woke up in the night. I am very tempted to come down to surf the night in the middle of the night so to help me fall asleep but I worried baby will wake up when she found that I'm not beside her.

The only thing is to play with the iPhone and after click here and there helped me to doze off. Guess I have to depend on this gadget for the time being!

Dengue alert on HIGH!

The rain came and many places got flooded and that means these places could be the new breeding ground for those mean Aedes mosquitoes. This week has been hot and the mosquitoes come in bulk! I am not kidding since we have a 'mini' forest behind our house... which attracts these meanies! The government has announce that Dengue Fever is on the rise so they sounded the alarm this morning that we should all be aware of more Dengue cases.

I gotta start stocking up on more mosquitoes repellents since I have 2 kids at home. Our small first aid box has limited space so I was telling hubby that we should get a Robern Medicine cabinet and get it fitted in our bathroom so we could stock up more things inside.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changing weather

For the past two weeks, the weather took a sudden change. It used to be really hot but we are getting more rainfalls and the skies are cloudy on most days. It is really a blessing since we have been suffering from really hot and dry weather for the past few months.

The sudden weather change is not entirely a good thing though with the kids having some problems adjusting to the sudden chills. Baby was the one who is slightly weaker since she is still so young and she can't take any  supplements like her elder brother. The boy has been chewing on some Vit C every morning so his immune system tends to works better... I guessed...

3 down!

The last two days, 3 of my soldiers are down with cold! Little baby was the worst hit as she has been having mucus up in her nose most of the time making her having difficulties breathing. Thus she can't nap and sleep properly... which mean, I have to keep her company too!

The boy is slightly better though he was the one who caught the flu bug first... from school. His body is better in fighting these bugs now maybe due to the vitamin C pills I have been giving him. I am feeding baby some fresh fruits too so she can have natural vitamins to help her fights all the bugs.

Pretty happy that baby is starting to take in those baby food I have been having problem feeding her earlier. Hoping she will eats better soon so she can sleeps longer at night after the mucus gone.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Must find a place to hide the iPhone!

I've been managed to hide the iPhone for almost a month from my boy. Then a few days ago, hubby who was the busy body took it out and play when our boy was in the room and hence the lil' fella found the new 'toy' he could play with with much excitement.

He normally don't want to go up to the room when bed time comes but now he willingly run to the room as he can't get his hands off the iPhone. He has been trying to westle the phone from me too but I was adamant to not let him play else it will be a habit. I am so worried he will drop the phone or spoil it as I did not get any iphone insurance. If the phone go k-o, that will be the end of it as I doubt I'll can get any replacement!

I better start looking for another spot to hide the phone now!