Saturday, June 26, 2010

Substandard service & food @ Chicago Rib House!

Ok, I do not intend to bicker here but I just wanted to let out my steam!

Yesterday, hubby brought our son for a movie at Gurney Plaza and so after that it was dinner time. We decided to check out Chicago again this week despite our trip there last week as we really like the pork ribs. Of course, we ordered another plate of pork ribs but instead of half a rack we had full rack this time.

The service last evening was really bad. The restaurant was not that big and when we arrived, most of the tables were already half way eating so we thought we will not have to wait long... we were WRONG! We wated more than 30 minutes for our ribs and burger!

And when our ribs arrived, we were dismayed....

Can you believe that was a full rack of pork ribs????? Is that a pig or piglet???? Can't believe they served this as full rack!!!! We have to pay an additional of RM15 for that but it looked just like half rack to me! Worst, we waited so long and the ribs were so dried it almost chocked at my throat! Don't restaurants like these have some kind of standards on their food????

If you compared what we got last week for half rack looked more decent!

This is definitely one of the worst experiences we have had! I am not sure if we will return...

We used to eat at Cafe Cartel in Singapore and I dare to say at every different outlets within the island, I can get the same amount of ribs on my plate... which is definitely value for money! Why people can do it but our Malaysians' companies always failed in doing????

Not forgetting about their lousy service too. Since there were not that crowded we waited so long for the food to come. They have at least 7 waiting staff but most of the time these people are busy congregating at one corner chit-chatting and idle away instead of looking out for customers who needed to be serviced! I even have to go get my own ketchup from the counter!!!! bah!!!!!

That being said, I definitely don't need any apidexin and detoxufree72 to ditch those extra pounds I've gained from that meal as my anger already burnt them off!

I guess we will be back at Chilli's next round...

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