Thursday, July 1, 2010

Must find a place to hide the iPhone!

I've been managed to hide the iPhone for almost a month from my boy. Then a few days ago, hubby who was the busy body took it out and play when our boy was in the room and hence the lil' fella found the new 'toy' he could play with with much excitement.

He normally don't want to go up to the room when bed time comes but now he willingly run to the room as he can't get his hands off the iPhone. He has been trying to westle the phone from me too but I was adamant to not let him play else it will be a habit. I am so worried he will drop the phone or spoil it as I did not get any iphone insurance. If the phone go k-o, that will be the end of it as I doubt I'll can get any replacement!

I better start looking for another spot to hide the phone now!

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