Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More shopping to go!

Though we have been in KL for almost a week now but I have yet to really start my shopping. Instead, I have been meeting up with friends over the past few days. It was really nice to meet up with some of them as it has been a long time since we last met.

However, I do hope to start doing some shopping in the next few days as there are quite a bit of stuff I wish to get before we head back to Penang. So far I've only bought some bento stuff and nothing else. Hubby who is in Brazil at the moment is too busy to shop though I've asked him to get some good coffee for me.

Don't know if he'll have time to check out and buy silver bullion or not as his schedule is pretty tight. Heard that the price will be going up so it could be the right time to invest in some.

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