Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only 3 hours of sleep!

Yesterday my little baby was down with food poisoning for the first time of her life at 10 days prior to her turning 6-month old! It was my fault... giving her solid before she can take much of them! :(

I barely get to sleep since the episode started around 2-ish in the morning. I tried to pat her to sleep but she was crying in pain which I thought was gum pain as she kept 'ngiah-ngiah-ngiah' instead of those normal cries. She started puking and it lasted more than 4 hours so I did not get to sleep at all.

Now both my hubby and myself having dark circles under our eyes! I wonder if there are any eye cream for dark circles which can miraculously covering them as well as I'll definitely stock up since I hardly get much sleep these days!

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