Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Scream - ICE CREAM!

With the weather so hot, I have been taking lots of cold drinks to quench my thirst. It seems that each time I have my glass of water, I can't help popping a few cubes of ice into it. Room temperature water is not enough to clear my thirst at all!

Another thing is, I have a strong cravings for ice-creams too! I seldom eat ice-cream and I hardly buy any. However, to counter my cravings, I decided to get a tub of lava ice-cream last week.

To make more ice-cream taste even better, I added some frozen raspberries and the passion fruit syrup which I bought from the strawberry farm in Melbourne. I can tell you it is so sinful that I definitely need fat burner after I finished the tub of ice-cream!

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