Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ringgit is going up

Our Ringgit was a little low for quite sometime. Last couple of days ago, out of the blue it started to moves upwards! This is of course is a piece of good news for us as we can get more when we exchange to other currencies. Maybe this is a good time for those who are investing in gold or buy gold coins as they could buy at a lower rate.

However, I don't invest in anything so I can only stand on the side line to see those who are investing either into foreign currencies or other kind of commodities. My hubby is into foreign currencies now so he was pretty excited about the moves!

Yummy DIY Cappuccino

Everyone was surprised that I did not do any cloth shopping this time when I went on my vacation to Melbourne. Yes, I did not get a single piece of clothing, shoes or bags! I have wanted to find some vitamin pills for my boy and some weight loss products for myself but did not have the time to do so.

We only have time to go for groceries shopping so I bought lots of food stuff for my boy and I managed to find this yummy decaffeinated DIY cappuccino which is really frothy when I poured hot water over it! It even came with a small bottle of chocolate shaker!

Now I can have a hot cuppa as and when I wanted!

I Scream - ICE CREAM!

With the weather so hot, I have been taking lots of cold drinks to quench my thirst. It seems that each time I have my glass of water, I can't help popping a few cubes of ice into it. Room temperature water is not enough to clear my thirst at all!

Another thing is, I have a strong cravings for ice-creams too! I seldom eat ice-cream and I hardly buy any. However, to counter my cravings, I decided to get a tub of lava ice-cream last week.

To make more ice-cream taste even better, I added some frozen raspberries and the passion fruit syrup which I bought from the strawberry farm in Melbourne. I can tell you it is so sinful that I definitely need fat burner after I finished the tub of ice-cream!

Going to KL again...

Next week will be the beginning of the mid year school holiday. It is a two weeks break so Darrius will not have to attend school. Co-incidentally, hubby needs to go for another business trip to Brazil again so I've opted to go to KL with the kids.

This trip down, I hope to meet up with some old school mates whom I have not meet for almost 20 years! We parted ways since we graduated high school and rarely have the chance to meet especially most of them went to different places to pursue their studies.

I am taking the opportunity to check out some life insurance leads from my dad and uncle too for the kids as I have the intention to get them some life policies.

The weather is extremely HOT!

Though it has been raining every alternate day for the past 2 weeks, the weather is still as hot or even hotter! We have never felt this hot before even though it did not rain in the past. The weather now is really unbelievable hot so much so that we avoid going out from the house now. Too much suns will cause us to have age spots prematurely... according to my mom!

Hopefully the storms will come soon...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only 3 hours of sleep!

Yesterday my little baby was down with food poisoning for the first time of her life at 10 days prior to her turning 6-month old! It was my fault... giving her solid before she can take much of them! :(

I barely get to sleep since the episode started around 2-ish in the morning. I tried to pat her to sleep but she was crying in pain which I thought was gum pain as she kept 'ngiah-ngiah-ngiah' instead of those normal cries. She started puking and it lasted more than 4 hours so I did not get to sleep at all.

Now both my hubby and myself having dark circles under our eyes! I wonder if there are any eye cream for dark circles which can miraculously covering them as well as I'll definitely stock up since I hardly get much sleep these days!

Hair shedding... continued!

I am already coming to 6-month post partum but my hair shedding continued... to a very dangerous level too! I think at least 200 or more strands fell off a day! I can even feel it even as it dropped off my head! Not sure if it was the post natal kinda stuff but I can see my some parts of my head started to get a little bald! It is quite visible since it is in front!

Initially I was thinking this is a very normal phase for someone who has just delivered a baby but the amount of hair falls is just too much! I am starting to look for shampoo for hair growth now to combat these hair falling business! In fact, I have been using 2 brands but they are not doing much so I have to go look for one that can really help!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only shop for the kids

Last time when ever I go on a tour to another country, I normally do a lot of shopping. There was one trip to Sydney where I bought at least 5 pairs of shoes! They were leather shoes and were at marked down prices so it was so hard to resist!

Now that I am a mother, I tend to shop for the kids instead and some how neglected my own shopping list. If I ever shop for myself, they would be bento accessories which I used it for the kids too!

It has been a long time since I go into the lingerie shop! I think for my next shopping trip to KL, I better go check out what is hot for the bedroom eh?! :P

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It was a Toyota Prius

The car that we hired from Avis when we first arrived in Melbourne was a Toyota Prius. My hubby likes Prius after his experience in the US recently where he hired one there too. However, he told me he likes the one he had in the US more than the one in Melbourne as the car has a sun roof and more electronics gadgets compared to the latter one.

Nonetheless, he still enjoyed driving it...

Friday, May 14, 2010

When can I be back to corporate life?

My boy will turn 5 and my girl will turn one end of this year. Due to my girl's arrival last year, I have to temporary stop my cupcake business since I do not have a helper at home. I am contemplating to end my business since I will need more time to spend with my kids... since the elder one is attending school now.

I am wondering when can I re-start my business again in the future or should I just go back to the corporate work force on a part time basis so I still can spend more time at home? Too many questions now and no answers available.

These days, more and more companies are using employment screening before they hire so I am also worried that my absence from the corporate for too long will not be too favorable in my resume.

A solution to my diet?

Ok, it is about dieting again! As much as I hated this subject, I can't run away from it... if you know what I mean!

Just discovered that besides all those dieting secrets, pills and what ever I can hear or read about, there is one which works like an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system. It is called phentramine and it is used togther with diet, exercise and behavioral modification to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Normally, those with obesity problems will tend to have high blood, is a diabetic as well as high cholesterol and some diet pills will have adverse effects. I'm not sure if I have all three but to be on the safe side, I better go for something that don't cause me to suffer!

No time to shop

We are back from Melbourne almost a week now! Time flies! We anticipated the trip for months and before we knew it, it was over....

This vacation is one of the shortest as compared to our previous 'mega' vacations where we normally stayed at least 10 days and beyond. This trip we drove a lot too since we went to a few far away places from the city which required at least 2 hours and beyond of driving to one destination. Therefore, we have very limited time to go shopping except for groceries since we cook our own most of the time or eat fast food when we are on the road.

Was supposed to go shop for some multi vitamins for my boy and check out the best prenatal vitamins for a friend but no time for that at all! I hope we'll have more time the next round when we visit Melbourne again.