Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Packing a mini first aid box

We are flying off to Melbourne this Friday! The worst thing is, we are not even packed yet and I have 2 days to do that! Gosh! Wish I could have more time as some of my winter jackets are still hanging on the line trying to get dry... and it have been raining! Hope for some sun today!

As this is our first trip to Melbourne and also baby's maiden trip so far abroad, I have decided to pack a mini first aid box for the trip. Not sure what will happen since we will be traveling quite a bit during our week long stay there so just to be on the safe side. Baby is currently down with flu so I have to bring along a nasal spray since the weather has turned chilly there. I've also intended to bring along my crack heal cream and some joint supplement given by my MIL as I have been having some pain on my joints lately. Will go and get some paracetamol for my boy too later today.

I hope I have covered everything!

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