Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Plans

We are leaving approximately 6 hours from now to the airport to catch our flight to Singapore where we will transit to our flight to Melbourne. This is also our very first experience boarding the biggest commercial plane - the A380. Don't you think Baby G is one hell of a lucky infant??? :P

Ok, next it will be our week long vacation in Melbourne. Hubby has a big plan for that one whole week. We will be driving since hubby already hired a Toyota Prius and upon our arrival, we will drive off from the airport. Since a friend offered us his place to stay, we ditched the idea of hiring a motorhome which was the initial plan. At least now we don't need good sam motorhome towing service any more.

When I told my friend about our plans, he laughed at me and exclaimed 'wah... you want to visit the whole of Victoria and not Melbourne only issit??' :lol: Well, what can I say???? :lol:

Now, I better get all my work done and continue with the last minute packing!

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