Friday, April 30, 2010

Surprised gift

A few days ago, hubby received a surprised gift from our agent. He sent hubby a gold coin! Hubby was dumbfounded but after reading the letter attached, he gave out a laugh and tore out the packaging and put the coin in his pocket! He then asked me 'we can use this right?' I then told him to keep it as a souvenirs since we don't always get free gold coins or buy gold coins!

Two days later I saw the gold coin on top of the piano... hmmmm...

Now, what did he wants to do with the coin? Tell him to go spend it or I secretly keep it for him???

Paying with credit card

This time we did not change much to Australian dollars as we still have quite a substantial amount from our previous trip to Perth. Aside from the daily expenses on food which we will be using cash, the rest of the things like car hire and accommodations, we will be paying with credit card since most of them we made the booking online.

Now, we just need to sit back and relax and enjoy our flights tonite! Can't wait to experience the A380!!!!

Big Plans

We are leaving approximately 6 hours from now to the airport to catch our flight to Singapore where we will transit to our flight to Melbourne. This is also our very first experience boarding the biggest commercial plane - the A380. Don't you think Baby G is one hell of a lucky infant??? :P

Ok, next it will be our week long vacation in Melbourne. Hubby has a big plan for that one whole week. We will be driving since hubby already hired a Toyota Prius and upon our arrival, we will drive off from the airport. Since a friend offered us his place to stay, we ditched the idea of hiring a motorhome which was the initial plan. At least now we don't need good sam motorhome towing service any more.

When I told my friend about our plans, he laughed at me and exclaimed 'wah... you want to visit the whole of Victoria and not Melbourne only issit??' :lol: Well, what can I say???? :lol:

Now, I better get all my work done and continue with the last minute packing!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sky Pool @ Traders Hotel - KL

Earlier this month we spent a few nights at Traders Hotel in KL. This hotel is just walking distance to the Petronas Twin Towers. Though this is a business hotel, they are also quite family friendly as compared to Crowne Plaza Hotel which we used to stay when I are in KL.

One of the attractions is the SkyPool which was located at the 33th floor. It has a rectangular shaped pool of about 25m in length and 1.5 in depth and 2 jacuzzi pools. One is at normal temperature and the other is heated. My boy was so happy upon seeing a pool which he can use.

Besides the pools, they have very interesting pool lounge. It has glass windows so we can actually view the Twin Towers in full view from those tatami style seating they put next to the glass windows.

Well, I must say it was one of the most fun stay we had so far! :D

He just want to jog

Hubby has been putting on weight lately as we have been feasting on and off due to all the festivities in the early part of the year. Now that everything has somehow settled down a little, we are going on another vacation which literally means... feasting again!

Though hubby is not into body building, he do not take any ALRI CR2 to help him pump up his muscles. He said, with his age, all these are not so important anymore. He just wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle so he will jog at least twice a week and have healthy breakfast everyday. Though every now and then he will still eat the deadly 'nasi lemak' (coconut milk rice) when he visits the wet market!

Eating healthy

I am already reaching 5 months post partum. Though I have managed to lose those pregnancy weight but I have yet to reach my desired weight. I am actually at my pre-pregnancy weight now.

However, after my confinement was over, I have been eating like nobody business! Since I am breastfeeding exclusively, it somehow helped to maintain so till now I still have not resorted to any diet pills like taking adipex yet.

I am slowly changing my diet now taking in more fibre food such as wholemeal and vegetables. I try to consume less meat but still can't refused those carbo food such as bread and noodles! Well, got to do it slowly...

Packing a mini first aid box

We are flying off to Melbourne this Friday! The worst thing is, we are not even packed yet and I have 2 days to do that! Gosh! Wish I could have more time as some of my winter jackets are still hanging on the line trying to get dry... and it have been raining! Hope for some sun today!

As this is our first trip to Melbourne and also baby's maiden trip so far abroad, I have decided to pack a mini first aid box for the trip. Not sure what will happen since we will be traveling quite a bit during our week long stay there so just to be on the safe side. Baby is currently down with flu so I have to bring along a nasal spray since the weather has turned chilly there. I've also intended to bring along my crack heal cream and some joint supplement given by my MIL as I have been having some pain on my joints lately. Will go and get some paracetamol for my boy too later today.

I hope I have covered everything!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Security camera on signboard

This morning my little girl woke up when I was preparing my elder boy for school. I have no choice but to lug her along with us else there are no one to help me take care of her. Normally I will leave her at home for that 5 minutes we are away since the school is only a stone throw away. No point waking her up since she will cry.

After dropping the boy in his school, I drove with my girl to the nearby hypermarket. It has been a while since I go there so early in the morning when shopping is such a breeze compared to the weekends. I even managed to have breakfast there... been a long time since I ate 'roti pisang'!

While on my way to the car, I saw a phone company set up a stall along the travellator. What caught my attention was, I saw a security camera attached to the signboard! I've not seen anything like that before but I guess the 'boss' must have a reason for doing so!!! :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post natal blues - Hair shedding!!!

One of the thing about post natal is the hair shedding part... which can be super annoying! Though this phase is highly expected but seeing my hair drops at the slightest touch gave me the chill! I tried my very best to comb as gently as possible so they don't come off in a bunch! All that are in vain as it will just drop even when I never touch! Arrgghh!

I will be visiting my hair dresser later on and she what she can recommends me. Since she just came back from the Cosmetology school in Ohio, she better give me some good advices so my head don't go bald from the shedding!

Now I am so crossed between tying or clipping my hair up with a hair clip. The later was said to be better since it don't pull the hair so much compared to tying but I love tying since it is more convenient and hair don't comes down easily.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun stay in KL

We went for a week stay in KL recently where half of the week we were staying in the hotel. This time we checked into Traders Hotel which is under the Shang-ri La group of hotels. Though it is a business hotel it is quite family friendly as it is very near to one of the shopping hot-spot in KL city. We are just walking distance away from KLCC.

Staying there has been so convenient for us... especially me! :P Though I am baby sitting 2 kids, I still managed to go shopping alone with them! I got to go to my favorite book store in KLCC as well as went around shopping for some urban clothes in Isetan. As I am carrying a baby, it was a little tough for me to try any on... :( Well, there's always a next time!