Sunday, March 7, 2010

When will it go up?

I have been monitoring the US currency exchange rate lately as I wish to withdraw some of my monies from my online bank account. The rate has been on all time low for the past few months which is stagnant at around RM3.4 to USD1. During my previous withdrawal, I was still lucky to get above RM3.5 to USD1.

Will the rate continue to be like that or will it go up or go down? According to my hubby, he said it will likely to drop more than going up. That is of course not a piece of very good news to me!!!! I was still hoping that it will goes up above RM3.8!!! Hubby told me not to dream! *hmmmmphh!*

Anyway, I will stay and continue to monitor and see how. After all I don't really need the money now so I'll just leave it there though it does not give me any interest at all... well... I just hope things will turn out brighter... When the gold prices is good, I hope I will have enough to buy gold bullion!

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