Saturday, March 13, 2010

SIA is cheaper than MAS

We finally booked our return flights to Melbourne last weekend. Though it is not our preferred date but due to the urgency and short planning, we have no choice but to make the booking quick. Hubby has checked both SIA and MAS and was surprised that SIA offered a much cheaper fare. Moreover we will be on board a A380!

Hubby was happy since he can accumulate his Kris Flyer points if we fly with SIA as he has been flying with SIA for his business trips. For me, it is indifference since I never collect any points! Personally, I would preferred MAS as their inflight services are much better compared to SIA.

For a family of four, 2 adults with 1 kid and an infant, it was a good deal. We paid less than RM7.8 thousand for everything which inclusive of all taxes.

Can't wait for our trip next month!

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