Saturday, March 13, 2010

Looking for a place to stay in Melbourne

Now that our flights to Melbourne is confirmed, we on the look out for a place to stay. As this will not be a normal sight seeing trip, the hubby was thinking of renting an apartment or a house in the suburb to get a feel of the life out of the CBD area. Else we would have look for a hotel in the city.

Though we have not been seriously looking yet, I did googled a few sites which offered short term accommodations and compile a list so the hubby could have a look at it before we decide.

The good thing about staying in an apartment is, we will get more space beside getting a small kitchen to do simple cooking when the need arises since eating out for an entire week can be expensive and unhealthy. The only thing is, we don't get quick service like in a hotel especially when the toilet or kitchen sink get stuck or something!

Well, just hope we can find something really good soon!

2 Hopper's Notes:

Jessen Tan said...

try 'Melbourne Campus Apartment' @ Swanston Walk. its walking distance to every where. i stayed there during my uni times :D

Angeleyes said...

Thanks Jessen but we are a small family with a baby so I don't think other tenants/students will be happy!