Saturday, March 6, 2010

Applying US Visa for baby in Malaysia

We are planning another trip to the US West Coast end of this year if everything goes well. However, before going, we need to get a US Visa for our girl since she is the only one in the family is without one.

A recent check with the US Visa website, we noted some changes. When we first applied back in 2006, we were paying only RM380 and when hubby applied again early last year in February, it has been revised to RM485. Now it has gone down to RM460 (USD131) probably due to the low exchanged rate. Also noted the change in the designated bank from RHB to Alliance Bank.

We went to take the visa photo for baby last evening and was having quite a bit of difficulties. Since baby's neck is still not very strong to hold up for too long, we need to lay her down on the floor just like previously we took her passport photo. Then the photo outlet did not have any white background for the floor which was required by the visa application rules so we ended up using a stack of A3 papers.

Now we are left with booking the interview time slot which we can attend on baby's behalf on the actual day. Do note that when you try to make the booking online, remember to save every step as you go along as the server disconnect frequently.

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