Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet to find cure

My mother in law always complains about her joint pains. However, she has dismissed that it is arthritis. Till now we have no idea what kind of health she is suffering since she went to consult just too many doctors... both from the Western and Eastern.

Sometimes she will do odd things to combat those pains which does not have any scientific proof that doing those practices will help to heal her pain. It is more like a temporary pain relief only. I ever told her to seek proper treatment to find out the cause of all those pains. Maybe I should have just check the net for best arthritis treatments and recommend her to give those a try rather than playing tic-tac-toe on what is wrong with her.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something is not right with my heels

Since the end of my confinement almost 3 months ago, I started to feel pain on both my heels each time I woke up to go for nature call in the middle of the night. Weird as it is, I only felt the pain during those hours.

The pain is similar to joint pains I think. The feeling is like muscles are pulling and I will feel a momentary numbness but it goes away pretty fast. Therefore, I did not bother to go to the doctor as yet.

5 more weeks to Melbourne!

The excitement is growing as we are only 5 weeks away from our Melbourne trip!

Today hubby spent the entire morning checking on the accommodations as well as the car hire which we will be needing when we are in Melbourne. If we are not bringing our baby we won't be needing the car but with a baby, having a car will be so much more convenient!

We have yet to decide where to stay as we thought of finding some private apartments instead of staying in the hotel. We hope we could do some light cooking as we don't fancy eating out the entire week we are there!

He needs his sleep!

Hubby just came back from a 2 weeks business trip in Brazil and the US. Each time he goes to Brazil, he will come back with dark under eye circles as he lost his sleep with all the transits. It took him almost 2 days to reach Brazil as he needs to transit in Hong Kong and Chicago since he is taking United Airlines.

When he returns, he needs to readjust his sleeping time since he is still jet leg from his long flights. He is a person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep each day and his dark circles are so visible!!!

From face to her body

Two months ago, my little girl was suffering from baby acne which is a type of eczema on infants. At that time she only has them on her face. Initially we do not know what to do with it so we brought her to her pediatrician and was prescribed some cream. Luckily the cream worked else we really do not know where to find treatment of eczema as we are not too familiar with skin problems.

Now that she is in her 3rd month, I found a few new patches on her neck and arms. I am not sure if they are the same thing but I'll just apply the same cream on her and see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buying another TV

Before hubby went on his business trip almost 2 weeks ago, we went to the mall for our regular weekend shopping. There were some Samsung LCD on sale and he told me he felt like getting another TV since all LCDs are so much cheaper now.

As we might be moving to our own place soon, the idea of having another TV is really a good idea. I hope to have a set in my room though my mom will definitely tell me not to keep one there! To her, having more electronic items in the room is bad for health!

Anyway, will see how... sometimes good offers are so hard to resist! :P

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Should I get a MayBank account?

I have been doing quite a bit of online shopping lately as I am home bound most of the time since baby's arrival. When I purchased from foreign e-stores, I normally paid with PayPal but not many local e-stores has that facilities.

The local e-stores will normally ask their customers to pay via credit cards or using direct transfer through local banks. Most of them are using Maybank's e-banking which I do not own one. Thus, it is extremely troublesome for me to make payments. I will have to get my dad to pay on my behalf or I have to go to the counter to bank in the money. So, should I get an account? I hate having too many accounts!

I just hope more of these local e-stores could get better merchant account reseller facilities like their overseas counterparts so it is more convenient for customers to make payments.

SIA is cheaper than MAS

We finally booked our return flights to Melbourne last weekend. Though it is not our preferred date but due to the urgency and short planning, we have no choice but to make the booking quick. Hubby has checked both SIA and MAS and was surprised that SIA offered a much cheaper fare. Moreover we will be on board a A380!

Hubby was happy since he can accumulate his Kris Flyer points if we fly with SIA as he has been flying with SIA for his business trips. For me, it is indifference since I never collect any points! Personally, I would preferred MAS as their inflight services are much better compared to SIA.

For a family of four, 2 adults with 1 kid and an infant, it was a good deal. We paid less than RM7.8 thousand for everything which inclusive of all taxes.

Can't wait for our trip next month!

Looking for a place to stay in Melbourne

Now that our flights to Melbourne is confirmed, we on the look out for a place to stay. As this will not be a normal sight seeing trip, the hubby was thinking of renting an apartment or a house in the suburb to get a feel of the life out of the CBD area. Else we would have look for a hotel in the city.

Though we have not been seriously looking yet, I did googled a few sites which offered short term accommodations and compile a list so the hubby could have a look at it before we decide.

The good thing about staying in an apartment is, we will get more space beside getting a small kitchen to do simple cooking when the need arises since eating out for an entire week can be expensive and unhealthy. The only thing is, we don't get quick service like in a hotel especially when the toilet or kitchen sink get stuck or something!

Well, just hope we can find something really good soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

When will it go up?

I have been monitoring the US currency exchange rate lately as I wish to withdraw some of my monies from my online bank account. The rate has been on all time low for the past few months which is stagnant at around RM3.4 to USD1. During my previous withdrawal, I was still lucky to get above RM3.5 to USD1.

Will the rate continue to be like that or will it go up or go down? According to my hubby, he said it will likely to drop more than going up. That is of course not a piece of very good news to me!!!! I was still hoping that it will goes up above RM3.8!!! Hubby told me not to dream! *hmmmmphh!*

Anyway, I will stay and continue to monitor and see how. After all I don't really need the money now so I'll just leave it there though it does not give me any interest at all... well... I just hope things will turn out brighter... When the gold prices is good, I hope I will have enough to buy gold bullion!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Applying US Visa for baby in Malaysia

We are planning another trip to the US West Coast end of this year if everything goes well. However, before going, we need to get a US Visa for our girl since she is the only one in the family is without one.

A recent check with the US Visa website, we noted some changes. When we first applied back in 2006, we were paying only RM380 and when hubby applied again early last year in February, it has been revised to RM485. Now it has gone down to RM460 (USD131) probably due to the low exchanged rate. Also noted the change in the designated bank from RHB to Alliance Bank.

We went to take the visa photo for baby last evening and was having quite a bit of difficulties. Since baby's neck is still not very strong to hold up for too long, we need to lay her down on the floor just like previously we took her passport photo. Then the photo outlet did not have any white background for the floor which was required by the visa application rules so we ended up using a stack of A3 papers.

Now we are left with booking the interview time slot which we can attend on baby's behalf on the actual day. Do note that when you try to make the booking online, remember to save every step as you go along as the server disconnect frequently.