Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is the effective to lose weight???

Now that Lunar New Year is half way gone, most of our lives are back to normal... yeah, less feasting on unhealthy food! I have yet to weight myself this few days so I am not sure how much I have gained after feasting on all the junks! We still have 11 days to go before we celebrate the last day of the Lunar New Year so there will still be feasts on and off... well, that is still not inclusive of my up coming birthday and my cousin's wedding!

As we won't be expecting any more visitors, we are left with all the balance goodies which need to be consumed before they are expired. You tell me how to reduce belly fat like that???

Hubby told me to start exercising but where the hell can I find the time??? I told him that chasing after an active toddler and attending to a screaming baby is more than enough to burn all the fat! :P

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