Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Much needed rest

It was exceptionally quiet this Lunar New Year as we did not see or hear much firework being displayed on the eve when the clock strike 12am. All of us were so tired from the day preparing for reunion dinner that we fell asleep before midnight except my MIL who has to make prayers to the ancestors. She told us it was indeed very quiet.

Hubby was complaining that he was so tired even before reunion dinner as he was rushing some projects before he go on leave. He even showed me his panda eyes which appeared a day before new year. Therefore, all of us have been sleeping ultra early these few nights.

However, I still have to wake up to nurse baby. I can seriously feel the tireness in me and my eyes have gone puffy due to all the night feeds. I better rest more and start applying wrinkle serum now else I'll look 10 years older!

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