Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Child proofing again

Time flies, our girl is already 2.5-month old. Before long she will start to crawl and in a blink of the eyes, she will be learning to walk! Since my boy and her is at 4 years gap, we need to child re-proof our home again. With two kids in the house, there will be more heart attack moments than we could anticipate!

Since Lunar New Year is approaching, I took the opportunity to clean up the house plus keeping things that might post as hazard to baby. My boy could be a little naughty at times so I just want to play safe and not let any accident to happen.

My boy likes to play with the door and we are just so afraid that he will lock both himself and his sister in the room and fail to open it out of fear. Hence I am considering of changing some of the door knobs to those plastic knobs. Just hope I don't have to smash them up!

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