Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 more week to go

The feasting will continue for another week and I am going to put on a strict losing weight regimen. I am serious this time as this will be my last chance to slim down since I am breastfeeding my little girl. My target is 5 kilos and I think it will not be too difficult if I am eating right.

I will try to cut down on all the carbohydrate food and take in more protein and vegetables with fruits. Then I will make sure I'll do some simple crunching exercise which is the best fat burner according to my hubby. My ultimate go is to tighten up my flabby tummy beside weighing a few kilos less!

Wish me luck! :)

MIL's knee pains

Yesterday, my mother in law complained to me again about her joint pain. She told me that after climbing a few floors just before the Lunar New Year at her customer's place caused her pain to come back. Even though she has been religiously taking glucosamine tablets for a few years to combat joint pain relief, but her condition did not improve much.

I told her not to walk too much else she will exert her knees and will need to go for operation to fix the problem.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Much needed rest

It was exceptionally quiet this Lunar New Year as we did not see or hear much firework being displayed on the eve when the clock strike 12am. All of us were so tired from the day preparing for reunion dinner that we fell asleep before midnight except my MIL who has to make prayers to the ancestors. She told us it was indeed very quiet.

Hubby was complaining that he was so tired even before reunion dinner as he was rushing some projects before he go on leave. He even showed me his panda eyes which appeared a day before new year. Therefore, all of us have been sleeping ultra early these few nights.

However, I still have to wake up to nurse baby. I can seriously feel the tireness in me and my eyes have gone puffy due to all the night feeds. I better rest more and start applying wrinkle serum now else I'll look 10 years older!

What is the effective to lose weight???

Now that Lunar New Year is half way gone, most of our lives are back to normal... yeah, less feasting on unhealthy food! I have yet to weight myself this few days so I am not sure how much I have gained after feasting on all the junks! We still have 11 days to go before we celebrate the last day of the Lunar New Year so there will still be feasts on and off... well, that is still not inclusive of my up coming birthday and my cousin's wedding!

As we won't be expecting any more visitors, we are left with all the balance goodies which need to be consumed before they are expired. You tell me how to reduce belly fat like that???

Hubby told me to start exercising but where the hell can I find the time??? I told him that chasing after an active toddler and attending to a screaming baby is more than enough to burn all the fat! :P

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wishing everyone who celebrate the Lunar New Year a Happy and Prosperous year of the Tiger! May the roaring tiger brings you abundance of health, happiness and wealth!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Child proofing again

Time flies, our girl is already 2.5-month old. Before long she will start to crawl and in a blink of the eyes, she will be learning to walk! Since my boy and her is at 4 years gap, we need to child re-proof our home again. With two kids in the house, there will be more heart attack moments than we could anticipate!

Since Lunar New Year is approaching, I took the opportunity to clean up the house plus keeping things that might post as hazard to baby. My boy could be a little naughty at times so I just want to play safe and not let any accident to happen.

My boy likes to play with the door and we are just so afraid that he will lock both himself and his sister in the room and fail to open it out of fear. Hence I am considering of changing some of the door knobs to those plastic knobs. Just hope I don't have to smash them up!

Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, Weddings & Birthday!

This Lunar New Year will be one happy one as we have more to celebrate then just the new year itself! Coincidentally St Valentine's Day also falls on the same day as the Lunar New Year! Reunion dinner feast and chocolate... woooooh! A deadly combination!!!

Then it will be my birthday the following week which hubby said he will give me a buffet dinner treat at Park Royal... gosh! Imagine the cholesterol laden food! And at the end of this month, we have 2 wedding dinners to attend! You tell me, how to reduce cholesterol like that????

Maybe I just close my eyes and eat first and worried later! :P

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Another outbreak!

About a month ago, my girl has a terrible outbreak on her face which we have suspected as infant acne. After we brought her to the pead and prescribed some cream to be applied, her condition improved tremendously after just two days. We thought it was just a temporary thing but we were wrong again!

This morning I saw a second outbreak! I applied the cream prescribed by the pead but till now her condition has not improved much. The bummer is, Lunar New Year is just a day away! I don't want our relatives to comment on her skin condition. I just wish I can try those treatment for acne on her but she is just a baby so no way!

Stocking up on the rolled oats

I was checking on the Tesco brochure yesterday and discovered that the Quaker Oats rolled oats are on special this week selling @ RM9.68. We were there last weekend but missed out on the item therefore, I went by Tesco today so I could grab a few packets.

Hubby has been eating these oats every morning since his medical check 3 years back where he was diagnosed with high cholesterol. He was afraid to take any cholesterol medications hence he started practicing a healthy lifestyle ever since. He went for another medical check last year and the result was perfect.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It is tough being SAHM!

If you think it is easy being a stay at home mom (SAHM), please think again! I can swear off my head, being SAHM is tougher than any jobs in the world! Not to mention your responsibilities are endless and I am on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Since I don't have any helpers, I have to mind most of everything myself.

There are times I am so tempted to send the kids to the sitters and I go back to the work force but after much consideration, being a SAHM is more rewarding as I don't miss any special moments that my might kids have.

Well, maybe someday when they are all grown up again then I will reconsider of returning to the corporate world. Till then, I won't be bothered to clean up my resumes! :P

Done some 'cleaning'

Now that I have an extra baby to care for, I have practically stopped doing most cleaning work except the laundry. Even though there are only 4 of us, I have at least one load of laundry a day! That's a lot if you may know!

Since it is Saturday today and just one week away from the Lunar New Year, I decided to do some extra cleaning - the windows and the walls! Gosh!!! I just don't know why everything are so dusty even though I swear I wipe some of them before recently!

While doing all these cleaning, I discover some extra 'graffitti' left by my dear son! Yeah, we ever cleaned the wall before when he vandalized them with his crayons a while ago. Now I discovered some pencil and ink drawings... I was told that Anilox cleaning can do the job but I can't find them here!

Planning for birthday parties

This year will be a busy year for me as I have 2 kids now. Though it is February now, I have started to think of their birthday celebrations already! It will definitely be exciting as their birthdays are only a week apart! I still hope I can bake them their birthday cakes this year...

I'm not sure if I will have any major birthday parties for them as we do not know whwre we will be end of this year so it is still tough to zero in on anything. However, that does not mean I don't go around checking what are the alternatives I can have!

I went to KFC today and found some of these brochures at their counter so I took one home and check it out.

They have quite a few interesting birthday party packages which come together with party invitations postcards that I find rather fun. I will definitely consider having a party at the KFC outlets since my boy loves KFC!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Upgrading my blogs

A few of my own domains are sitting on old and possibly outdated programs and my host has been telling me to get them upgraded before disasters happen. Well, not that I am not keen to get them upgraded but all the moving and clicking can be very tedious. What is more, I have an active toddler and a screaming baby in the background!

I was so tempted to get someone to do it for me but then again, not many or no one knows what i really want! If I ask those guys from my host to help they might charge me a huge sum! So, being a scrooge I rather go tinker them myself... maybe later... hehehehe

Anyway, the tech people from my host reminded me to have enough backups for just incase. Now I am wondering if I should have online backup as well?