Saturday, January 16, 2010

Losing sleep

We are back in Penang for 2 weeks already and life has not been a very pleasant one. Since our elder boy started attending pre-school now, I have to wake up early to send him to school. His school has also extended the hours from 3 hours session to a 4 hour session now. This means, I have to send him off before 8am since they starts at 8am now.

And my baby girl is getting more alert as compared to the time when she was just an infant during confinement where she sleeps the entire day. She has gotten pretty sensitive to noises too so she tends to wakes up easily. All the waking up to feed baby has been a tough one as I find myself looking so much older now!

I just hope I can find some miracle day creams which can turn my face around and look youthful again!

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