Saturday, January 16, 2010

Her acne is gone!

Last week, my baby girl's cheeks were filled with red patches which I thought was newborn acne or newborn pimples. So, when her condition did not improved despite trying with various cream which I bought over the counter, we decided to bring her to the pead.

The pead told us our baby may have very sensitive skin which she inherited from either one of us or she might have eczema. Well, I am not sure which one but I think she did kind of inherited my bad skin. Luckily he prescribed some cream for her and now her condition has improved so much.

Before I could digest the good news, I discovered my sensitive skin is back making havoc again. Yeah, little zits are appearing again so I must find a solution for it. I am tempted to try Acnepril after reading about acnepril reviews from the net.

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